A Modern Fleet’s Tool Box

Smarter drivers. Smarter fleets. Proven ROI.

In-Vehicle Feedback

Eliminate bad habits and driving decisions with GreenRoad’s in-vehicle display.

Receiving objective, real-time feedback whenever a risky driving event occurs your drivers self-correct very quickly, resulting in safer, more fuel efficient driving.

Safety Scores

Risky events are tabulated and translated into a single, simple metric for each driver and for your fleet. The lower the Safety Score, the better the driver.

GreenRoad analyzes more than 150 maneuvers, across 5 categories – acceleration, braking, lane handling, cornering, and speeding ? and even captures compound events.

Risk & Idling Hotspots

Identify hot spots of intense idling or risky driving maneuvers.

Use aggregated data to discover external factors impacting driver behavior and proactively manage your fleet.

In-Vehicle Video

Gain deep visibility into risky driving maneuvers with GreenRoad In?Vehicle Video.

Event-triggered recordings provide additional visual context to get to the source of issues, fast.

Live Fleet Traking

Make faster, better decisions and utilize resources more efficiently with real-time visibility of your vehicles and drivers, their location and operational status.

Live Fleet also updates you about traffic conditions that might impact scheduled trips and tasks.

Dispatch Verification

Improve productivity and control fleet tasks in real- time.

Better respond to unexpected changes or deviations from plan with quick and accurate information about current status.

Fuel Performance

Follow up on trends and discover drivers or vehicles with a lower than average MPG.

Set and enforce your company goals of fuel consumption.

Landmarks & Geo-Fencing

Designate geographic areas important to your business to improve daily operations, track fleet performance, improve asset security and validate policy execution.

Use Landmarks and Geo-Fencing to measure time spent at customer sites, assign new tasks and trips, and discover unauthorized vehicle usage.

Route Replay

Review what happened on the road to determine where productivity was gained or lost.

Track via visual display or detailed time reports of a specific route: identify opportunities to optimize routes, and trace late starts, unauthorized stops and early finishes.

Vehicle Health

Avoid expensive breakdowns and reduce out-of-service time.

Improve your service level and leverage data for improved maintenance schedules.

Real-time Email Alerts

Always know what is going on with your fleet, drivers and vehicles alike, with easy to set up alerts. Fully customizable, these alerts keep you informed about critical events, such as vehicle misuse, vehicle health issues, safety events, and more.

Easily access GreenRoad Central via the mobile app.

Discover how you can get better, safer drivers and a leaner fleet in one place.