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  • 70% decrease in the number of unnecessary, risky driving maneuvers
  • 5% improvement in fuel-efficiency
  • 8.4% reduction in passenger injuries
  • 6.3% reduction in collision

IDM Trucking

  • Not a single accident in the year following implementation of GreenRoad
  • Accident rate dropped from 0.38 crashes per million miles to zero
  • Annual fuel cost savings of $1500 per vehicle
  • Reduction in insurance expenses

Iron Mountain

  • Immediate ROI, covering costs from day one
  • 5% boost in MPG across the fleet
  • 13% further drop in incidents
  • 40% cut in own damage costs
  • 14% reduction in insurance premiums

Documentation & Fact Sheets

GreenRoad Solution Brief

Get the insights and tools you need to transform driver behavior and improve fleet performance. Reduce costs and risk while increasing safety and lowering your carbon footprint.

GreenRoad for Fleet Tracking & Operations

Boost Fleet Efficiency and Performance
Get real-time visibility into fleet location and performance and save valuable management time and

GreenRoad In-Vehicle Video

See Risky Events as They Happen
Gain deep visibility into risky driving maneuvers with GreenRoad In–Vehicle Video. Event-triggered recordings provide additional visual context to get to the source of issues, fast.

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5 Fleet Safety Program Myths Busted
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