Here you get your most frequently asked questions answered.

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Who is GreenRoad?
GreenRoad developed a driver behavior and fleet performance management solutions to help you maximize revenues by cutting operational costs. Tackle performance at the driver level by transforming driving behavior. Optimize fleet operations with fleet tracking, mapping and reporting.

Gain a clear competitive advantage by increasing safety and customer satisfaction and reducing fuel consumption and vehicle wear-and-tear. GreenRoad puts your fleet on track to business success.

How long has GreenRoad been in business?
GreenRoad was founded in 2002 to apply advanced mathematic modeling and cutting-edge technology to the problem of accurately predicting and intercepting risky driving. Today, GreenRoad transforms the way businesses manage their fleets at every level.
Where is GreenRoad available?
GreenRoad is available in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia. For availability in other countries, please contact us directly.
Why should I choose GreenRoad over other options?
GreenRoad is the leader in driving performance and safety management. Proven by drivers worldwide in a wide range of vehicle types and industries, GreenRoad is the option preferred by leading fleets.

With a solid track record for measurable results, GreenRoad customers realize 6-15% fuel consumption savings by improving how drivers behave while on the road. They see crash-related expenses plummet between 50-70% with lower costs related to “bent metal” as well as lower insurance premiums. They also report up to a 10% savings based on less vehicle wear and tear.

GreenRoad is the solution endorsed by drivers, union leaders, and managers alike. There’s no risk with GreenRoad.

How do we get started?
Once you decide to use GreenRoad, an account manager will help you get started. GreenRoad hardware will be installed in your vehicles. Your managers and drivers will receive training on how to work with GreenRoad effectively.
Who are GreenRoad customers?
Industry-leading fleets of all sizes are using GreenRoad to transform their driving culture and reduce their costs. GreenRoad is used across in all industries:

  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Bus and Coaches
  • Construction
  • Telecommunications
  • Service and Delivery
  • Food and Beverage

GreenRoad customers include:

  • FirstGroup, one of the world’s leading public transport fleets
  • StageCoach, a leading international public transport company, with extensive operations in the UK, United States and Canada
  • Ryder, a Fortune 500 fleet management, leasing, and rental provider
  • Iron Mountain, an S&P 500 company and a member of the FORTUNE 1000
  • Bunzl, a leading specialist distribution Group with operations in 23 countries across 4 continents
  • And many more
What types of businesses can benefit from GreenRoad?
GreenRoad has been proven to be highly effective with businesses and fleets of all sizes and across industries. Any organization that uses vehicles in their business operations can benefit from GreenRoad. Whether you have professional drivers who drive for a living or other workers who drive a lot on their job, GreenRoad improves driver behavior and fleet operation.
What size of fleets does GreenRoad support?
GreenRoad is fully scalable and works for fleets of all sizes from 25 to 10,000+ vehicles. Manage local fleets or fleet across different locations and depots.
What type of vehicles does GreenRoad support?
GreenRoad supports all types of vehicles, from vans and cars,  buses and coaches,  mid-sized, large, and big-rig trucks to service and construction vehicles.
How much will GreenRoad save my company?
GreenRoad customers typically cut crash-related costs by 50-70% and reduce fuel usage and emissions by 6-15%. Customers also report up to 10% lower maintenance costs and extended vehicle life thanks to GreenRoad providing improved driver performance.
How soon will we see savings from using GreenRoad?
As soon as you start using GreenRoad, the savings begin through improved driving performance. GreenRoad delivers immediate cost savings and a positive ROI within the first two to three months.
Why is driver behavior important to my business?
Research shows that driving behavior contributes to over 90% of vehicle crashes and accounts for up to 33% of fuel consumption. Driving behavior also impacts wear and tear on the vehicle and contributes to maintenance costs. Safety, fuel efficiency, and fleet operating costs are all important to your business. That’s why driver behavior and performance should matter to you.
Will GreenRoad reduce our insurance costs?
GreenRoad customers have received premium reductions as a result of using GreenRoad. GreenRoad partners with insurance and risk management companies, such as CNA, The Hartford, Marsh, Zurich, and Belmont Insurance, to create targeted programs for commercial fleets. By working with GreenRoad, insurance companies can reduce claims costs and often charge lower premiums for fleets with GreenRoad. Learn more
How can drivers self-improve with GreenRoad?
GreenRoad developed a unique way helping you improve driver behavior:  Transform your safety and driving culture without burdening management or your drivers.  Be with your drivers – every trip and every mile – and coach them in an automatic way, without having to invest in time-intensive training programs or ride-alongs.

A rich set of tools allows your drivers to make better driving decisions. Greenroad Driver Behavior tools include:

  • In-vehicle, real-time driver feedback
  • Online automated analysis and dashboards showing accurate, timely, and objective driving data
  • A driver self-help portal with training videos, materials and other instructional and motivational information
What role plays transparency?
GreenRoad provides full visibility into risky driving and delivers objective assessment of complex driving maneuvers (not just simple harsh acceleration / braking) for both management and drivers.

GreenRoad is preferred by drivers, managers, supervisors, and unions because the service is designed to improve driving performance and not “spying” on drivers. GreenRoad is built on transparency that motivates your drivers to participate.

How does GreenRoad provide in-vehicle feedback?
The GreenRoad driver feedback display provides real-time, in-vehicle feedback from LEDs using a simple “green-yellow-red” color-coded system. Also the GreenRoad SmartPhone edition informs the drive with “green-yellow-red” color-coded messages.

If an event is detected, the display will flash yellow or red depending on the risk level of the event. If risky behavior continues, the light goes to solid yellow or red. If there’s a period that follows with no events, the light goes back to green.

What types of driving maneuvers can GreenRoad detect?
GreenRoad analyzes 150 driving maneuvers and translates them to risky driving events in five categories: speeding, cornering, lane handling, braking, and acceleration. In addition, GreenRoad also captures and reports on idling events and idling performance.
How is risky driving measured?
GreenRoad’s patented algorithms use high fidelity accelerometer and GPS data to measure and analyze how the vehicle is being driven and provide real-time feedback to the driver.

GreenRoad assesses driving performance for many types of driving events. The driving events are classified as yellow or red events depending on the severity of the forces acting on the vehicle during the event.

The real-time assessment and driver feedback automatically take into account the characteristics of the vehicle (e.g.: vehicle type, size, configuration) and can be further fine-tuned to address your fleet’s driving conditions and policies.

What is GreenRoad Smartphone Edition?
With our Smartphone Edition, GreenRoad developed the world’s first smartphone-based driver performance solution for fleets. It uses smartphone native functionality, including GPS and built-in accelerometers, to eliminate the need for a professionally-installed telematics device in the vehicle.

Like our built-in version the Smartphone Edition gives instant driver feedback and captures track-and-trace data.

Note: The Smartphone Edition can be downloaded at GooglePlay and AppStore, but a GreenRoad subscription is required, which is sold separately to businesses and not to end-users.

How does it work?
GreenRoad Smartphone Edition uses advanced, patented algorithms to detect how well the driver is driving. Whenever a risky or fuel-inefficient maneuver occurs, GreenRoad Smartphone Edition gives the driver immediate audio and visual feedback directly from the smartphone.
How does it help prevent distracted driving?
GreenRoad Smartphone Edition helps prevent distracted driving by disabling physical use of the smartphone while the vehicle is in motion. That means no texting or physical dialing while the vehicle is moving.
Which smartphones are supported?
iPhone 3G, 4, or 4S, running iOS 5.0 or later, Samsung Galaxy, Droid Razr, or HTC Sensation, running Android OS 2.2 or later.
Is GreenRoad also a fleet tracking solution?
With GreenRoad you do not have to choose between driver performance/safety solutions and MRM/telematics solutions focused on addressing fleet productivity and operational needs.

GreenRoad delivers on both! We see driver change as your biggest opportunity to improve your fleet and business results, but we are also your partner on fleet performance management and MRM data.

With GreenRoad, you gain meaningful, real-time visibility of fleet location and performance to reach your operation goals. Easily keep track of your drivers and vehicles, and make sure your fleet and projects are on time. Reach higher efficiency and save valuable management time with GreenRoad fleet operation functionalities, including:

  • Real-time Live Fleet Tracking
  • Trip History
  • Dispatching
  • Landmarks and Geo-Fencing
  • Vehicle Health
  • Fuel Performance
  • Idling Hotspots
Can vehicle locations be viewed live online?
Yes, vehicle location can be viewed “live” at any time with GreenRoad. There are also details such as vehicle identifier, speed, and direction. You always know where your vehicles are and where they are headed.
How does GreenRoad keep me updated about my fleet?
GreenRoad is here to keep you constantly updated on your business and fleet:

  • Real-time Email Alerts: Stay in the know where ever you are. Always know what is going on with your fleet, drivers and vehicles alike, with easy to set up alerts. Fully customizable, these alerts keep you informed about critical events, such as vehicle misuse, vehicle health issues, safety events, and more.
  • Dashboards and Reports: Monitor fleet performance trends and share reports across your entire organization
  • Mobile Access – Manage your fleet any time and from any desktop or mobile device
What is GreenRoad Central?
GreenRoad Central is the web-based portal for managers and drivers. It provides access to key performance metrics and easy drill-down into the details behind the numbers.
Who has access to reports and analysis?
GreenRoad Central is for both managers and drivers. Drivers see only their own information; managers see information for everyone on their teams. GreenRoad also provides email reports delivered to your inbox daily or weekly, covering the information and analysis that meets your fleet’s specific needs.
Are GreenRoad dashboards available on mobile devices?
Yes, the GreenRoad Central mobile app, makes it easy for both drivers and managers to check on GreenRoad performance anytime, anywhere.

Drivers can conveniently access their scores, team rank, trip details and quick tips, whilst Managers can view fleet location, driver scores and even view each driver’s mobile dashboard. The apps work with Android or Apple smartphones, and are disabled while driving.

If you are an existing GreenRoad customer, you may download the GreenRoad Central mobile app on Google Play and on Apple Store.

Does GreenRoad provide online dashboards for managers?
Yes, the Central Dashboard provides visibility into top-level scores and trends and breaks them down into individual trips, events per trip, and locations. Trip maps, heat maps, location maps and other customizable views give managers a quick read on “vital stats” and facilitate coaching conversations by providing objective data: which makes managing your fleet efficient and easy.
Does GreenRoad provide an online dashboard for drivers?
Yes, drivers can log into their own GreenRoad account any time from a smartphone or any computer with an Internet connection to see their safety scores and event feedback. Drivers also receive weekly emails with performance summaries recapping their safety score status, idling management and customized improvement feedback.
What management reports are available?
GreenRoad provides an extensive set of fleet, driver, or vehicle reports including: Safety History, Trip History, Safety Scores, Driving Safety Events, Driving Hours, Safety Location Heat Maps, Idling Performance, and Idling Heat Maps. Reports are available in the managers’ web account, or can be sent via email on a regular schedule.
What is the GreenRoad Safety Score?
The GreenRoad Safety Score measures the number of driving safety events normalized to the driving time, and represents the level of driving risk for a driver, trip, depot/location, or overall fleet.

The higher the number of events generated during a given amount of driving hours, the higher the Safety Score and the higher the driving risk.

A safety score of 0-20 represents a “green” level driver; 21-50 represents a “yellow” level driver; and 51+ represents a “red” or high-risk driver.

In many organizations, the GreenRoad safety score becomes the primary way that managers and drivers alike discuss safety and driving performance.

How does Idling Management work?
GreenRoad helps you to minimize needless idling. It lets you set idling thresholds for the needs of your fleet. Idling performance, which represents the percentage of engine-on time that was spent idling, is presented via at-a-glance charts in GreenRoad Central.

You can drill down to see idling performance for individual drivers, trips, or locations. Also, you can view idling events on a map and use the idling “Hot Spots” to take action to minimize or eliminate idling at your top idling locations.

GreenRoad uses an innovative approach that assesses idling across all vehicle types without any additional technology, installation, or cost.

What kind of idling reports are available?
There are summary and detailed idling reports for drivers and vehicles showing individual idling events, overall idling performance and locations of idling events on maps. GreenRoad also highlights idling “Hot Spots” so you can take action to save even more fuel. Summary and detailed idling reports can also be automatically emailed to fleet managers on a daily or weekly basis
Does GreenRoad require special software or hardware?
GreenRoad comes with a small piece of hardware that is installed in your vehicle. The in-vehicle display is also included to give your drivers real-time feedback. No other special computers or hardware are necessary. GreenRoad Central is available from any computer, device, or kiosk with Internet access.
Does GreenRoad integrate with third parties’ software?
GreenRoad offers an open integration platform and APIs that allow you to easily integrate safety, driving and tracking data with your existing systems like Fleet Administration Automation, ERP, HR or other reporting systems.
How is GreenRoad data transmitted?
GreenRoad data collected in the vehicle is transmitted via cellular networks. It is then available in your secure GreenRoad Central account.
When and how often is the driving data transmitted?
GreenRoad collects GPS-based vehicle location information typically once every two minutes and driving safety events whenever they occur.
How often is the GreenRoad online data updated?
Vehicle location data is updated live. Safety data is updated at the end of a trip. A trip starts when a vehicle first moves and ends when the vehicle has been stationary for at least ten minutes.
How is GreenRoad installed?
The main GreenRoad device is typically installed under the dashboard. The driver display and identification sensor are installed on the dash. GreenRoad employs certified installers. Your own technicians can be also certified by GreenRoad to handle installation.
What if our vehicles have more than one driver?
If multiple drivers use a particular vehicle in your organization, drivers will receive individual key fobs (“dallas keys”) so they can “tag in” to identify themselves to the vehicle when they drive it.
What is the support channel for managers?
Need help? Please log in to GreenRoad Central and contact us via the Support tab.
What is the best way for drivers to get support?
Can’t log in? Forgot your password? GreenRoad display not turned on?

The best way to receive support in these cases is to contact your local manager or Greenroad champion.

Most likely your manager will know how to solve your issue right away or how to get help quickly from the GreenRoad support team.

How to recover your password?
Can’t Login? No problem. Use this form to request a password recovery.

If you do not receive a password token email within a few minutes, please check with your local manager which email address is actually associated with your account.