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GreenRoad improves your bottom line:

  • 60% accident cost reduction
  • 15% fuel costs reduction
  • 15% insurance costs reduction
  • 20% maintenance costs reduction
  • Increase driver productivity
  • Reduce operating costs

Better Drivers Mean Better Business

What’s the biggest factor in fleet fuel, crash, and operating costs?

Your drivers.

Research shows that driving behavior contributes to over 87% of crashes and 33% of fuel consumption. GreenRoad reduces these costs and risks by improving driving performance.

Only GreenRoad offers you an automatic way to coach and manage your drivers.

GreenRoad provides all the productivity benefits of traditional telematics - and goes further so you can get the best performance out of your drivers.

The key to exceptional drivers.

With our unique approach to improving driving behavior, you’ll see immediate improvements in safety and fuel savings. Our unique combination of technology and services helps you coach your drivers without expensive training.

The GreenRoad Driver Improvement Loop™

In as little as 3 months, GreenRoad pays for itself with lower crash rates, reduced fuel costs, and maintenance savings.

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Better driving happens in the vehicle, not the classroom.

GreenRoad addresses the root cause of poor safety and costly driving habits. GreenRoad monitors aggressive driving maneuvers (speeding, braking, lane-handling, cornering and acceleration) and provides real-time, in-vehicle feedback. Drivers self-correct while they drive – not after the fact in a training room.

GreenRoad offers an in-vehicle edition or smartphone
edition (beta). Either way, it’s like you’re with your fleet drivers
every trip, every mile.

Objective feedback transforms driving behavior.

Using our patented algorithms and a small in-vehicle device, GreenRoad analyzes maneuvers that impact risk and fuel consumption. Risky events get translated into a single, simple metric – the GreenRoad safety score.

GreenRoad sensors measure acceleration, braking, cornering, directional lane change, and speeding metrics.

With personalized feedback, GreenRoad lets drivers take control of their own performance.

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Get a bird’s eye view of your fleet.

Paired with our core telematics features – from sophisticated tracking to route replay, dispatching, and more – GreenRoad’s proven formula improves fleet performance with minimal program overhead.

The impact: Sustainable cost savings from safer fleets.

Throughout the day, GreenRoad sends real-time driving data for all your vehicles by cellular network to your private website, GreenRoad Central.

Every moment, you have 100% fleet visibility – where they are, where they’re headed, risky events, and idling status.

With the Mobile App for Managers you can stay connected with your fleet
wherever you are.

Focusing your time improves your bottom line.

Your GreenRoad Central dashboard helps you focus on what’s important. Easy-to-use icons and charts help you quickly identify bad driving habits that lead to crashes and wasted fuel.

The GreenRoad dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of drivers’ safety scores.

With GreenRoad, fleet managers can focus on the drivers who need coaching – and reward the best performers.

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Review every trip with annotated maps and reports.

With GreenRoad Central you get easy-to-read reports about risky events, idling status, location, and more. Now you can manage all your drivers and set goals for improvement based on consistent, objective measurements.

GreenRoad visually recreates every trip so drivers and managers can review event details.

Analyze trends, pinpoint problems

When you need to investigate problems or forecast improvements, we provide all the management reports and maps you need. Review them in your GreenRoad Central web account, or have them sent automatically by email.

Easy-to-read reports, maps, and charts help you pinpoint problems quickly.

GreenRoad delivers the data and reports you need to manage driving performance.

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Everyone wants to be a winner.

Because no one wants to be a low performer, the GreenRoad safety score is the motivational key to better driving. Managers and drivers use the safety score to review trips and determine specific habits or skills that need attention.

Our mobile app for drivers makes it easy to check the safety score, idling score, team rank, and trip details – and keep safety top of mind with our quick tips.

GreenRoad builds trust with drivers.

Everyone wants to excel and be treated fairly. GreenRoad gives each driver their own online account with self-guided training, a mobile app, and weekly emails with recaps of their scores and improvement trends. They see the same data as their manager — no second-guessing, no excuses.

Drivers receive weekly emails with recaps of their performance and improvement trends.

Drivers receive weekly emails with recaps of their performance and improvement trends.

With shared, objective information, managers and drivers work together toward better driving.

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All types of fleets need good drivers.

Any organization using vehicles in their business operations will benefit from GreenRoad. From small cars and vans, to buses and big-rig trucks, GreenRoad improves driver performance.

Industry-leading companies use GreenRoad to improve their operations.

Save lives, fuel, and money.

Our customers see crash-related costs plummet 50-70% and fuel consumption drop 6-15%. With additional savings of up to 10% in vehicle wear, GreenRoad pays for itself in 30-90 days. The bottom line? You’ll see immediate savings with safer, smarter, better driving.

Contact us today. We’ll hand you the key to savings with the best drivers on the road.

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