Advanced Tracking

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GreenRoad Advanced Tracking is powered by GPS Insight, the premier fleet tracking service. GreenRoad Advanced Tracking helps you run a more efficient and effective fleet — saving more money on fuel and labor, while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction with more precise routing and dispatch. It’s a powerful, yet flexible service offered with GreenRoad so you can manage driver performance and fleet tracking all in one place.

Realize Greater Management Control
Feature Included Shows your entire fleet, any vehicle group, or a single vehicle
Feature Included Indicates current vehicle status with easy color-coded icons
Feature Included Provides 2D or 3D mapping including street-level views
Feature Included Gives vehicle history trails
Feature Included Sends alerts when vehicle use policies are violated or operational conditions need urgent management attention
Feature Included Helps reduce fuel costs through better routing and reduces unauthorized or unnecessary vehicle use
Gain More Fleet Activity Insight with Landmarks and Geofences
Feature Included Instantly creates landmarks from a location on a map or report (or imports up to 1,000 landmarks at a time from Excel—with no limit to the # of landmarks you can have)
Feature Included Uses simple polygons to precisely define landmarks
Feature Included Supports landmark groups such as “employee homes” or “customers” which are usable in maps, reports and alerts
Feature Included Provides alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves a landmark or group of landmarks
Optimize Fleet Resources with Powerful Reporting
Feature Included Activity reports include: Activity Detail, Begin/End of Day, Drive Time Summary, Fleet Utilization, Odd-Hours Violations
Feature Included Landmark reports include: Landmark History, Path History, Unmarked Exceptions (stops which are not in a landmark group)
Feature Included Stop Detail reports include: Stop Detail, Stop Graph with vehicle movement and stop times
Feature Included Vehicle MPG reports available with fuel card transaction data integration
Track When You’re On the Go with Mobile Access
Feature Included GreenRoad Advanced Tracking mobile apps available for most iOS, Android and Blackberry devices
Feature Included Gives detailed current vehicle status
Feature Included Supports map, satellite and hybrid views
Easy, Configurable Dashboard Works the Way You Do
Feature Included Allows you to arrange, customize, name, save and share configurations of workspaces
Feature Included Moveable “dashlets” provide insight via real-time maps, vehicle location lists, alerts, graphs, landmark visits, and more
Feature Included Runs any report or map for a single vehicle, group of vehicles or your entire fleet with just a few clicks
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