GreenRoad Complements Driver Performance Insights with Advanced Tracking Data

LONDON– April 9th, 2013 - GreenRoad™, the leader in driver performance management, today announced the integration and availability of GreenRoad Advanced Tracking™, powered by GPS Insight, the premier fleet tracking service. GreenRoad Advanced Tracking provides fleet operators with a new level of insight into fleet performance, resulting in improved fuel economy, better asset utilisation, and enhanced productivity.

With the availability of GreenRoad Advanced Tracking, GreenRoad adds powerful fleet management capabilities to its best-in-class driver performance and safety solution, which combines real-time, in-vehicle safety feedback with a management portal that provides insight and guidance.

Dean Sullivan, managing director of Hertfordshire-based Sullivan Buses, a GreenRoad customer who has been trialing the beta version of Advanced Tracking, commented,

“Our two key priorities are safety and bus service reliability. With GreenRoad we have now a single integrated solution for both driver behaviour and advanced tracking, our two most important KPIs. Advanced Tracking allows us to monitor reliability issues and deliver a better service to our passengers as well as running our fleet of 50 buses more effectively.  We believe that GreenRoad has made a positive contribution to the growth of our business, helping us to reduce operational costs and improve safety. Reflecting the improved performance of our drivers, we handed out over £23,000 in bonuses for green driving last year.”

“GreenRoad Advanced Tracking builds on GreenRoad’s Connected Fleet vision by giving managers deeper, broader insight into how they’re using their fleet assets, in addition to how their drivers are performing,” said Karen White, senior vice president of customer solutions for GreenRoad.

Additional GreenRoad Advanced Tracking features include:

  • Interactive displays of entire fleet, any vehicle group or single vehicle. Colour-coding for easy status identification, 2D and 3D mapping, vehicle history trails, automatic alerts when management attention needed.
  • Increased fleet activity insight with landmark and geofence support. Automatic alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves a landmark or group of landmarks.
  • Enhanced reporting to optimise fleet resources. Multiple, detailed activity reports including Drive Time Summary, Fleet Utilisation and Odd-Hours Violations. Vehicle MPG reports available with fuel card transaction data integration.
  • A customisable dashboard runs specific reports and provides managerial insights with a minimum of mouse clicks.

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About GPS Insight

GPS Insight is the leading technology supplier of GPS tracking software for fleet-based customers. We utilise high quality GPS hardware and add the technology, customisation and enhancements which fleet-based companies demand. Using the GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Solution, companies realize a significant increase in efficiency, and gain insight into all aspects of their fleet operations. GPS Insight provides highly flexible solutions, which include a wide range of customised reports, alerts, and other features that can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements and ensure maximum return on investment.

About GreenRoad

GreenRoad is the leading driver performance management service for fleets. Through the innovative use of cloud and mobile technology, GreenRoad offers a comprehensive set of driver performance and fleet tracking services. Companies using GreenRoad realise significant savings because better drivers use less fuel, crash less frequently, reduce vehicle emissions and reduce insurance costs. With in-vehicle technology, smartphone apps for drivers and managers and a comprehensive change management program, the GreenRoad Driver Improvement LoopTM immediately improves driver performance. GreenRoad Advanced Tracking delivers real-time fleet location for superior route optimisation, improved productivity and customer support. Proven across 70,000 drivers worldwide, in all vehicle types and industries, GreenRoad dramatically reduces fuel consumption and crashes so customers realise positive ROI within 60-90 days.

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23 EYMS Drivers Recognised as “Best on the Road”

23 bus and coach drivers employed by Hull-based East Yorkshire Motor Services have recently achieved 2012 membership of the national “GreenRoad Fleet Elite” programme which attempts to recognise the best fleet drivers on the road.

Fleet Elite status is awarded to drivers who maintain a GreenRoad safety score of five or less for the full calendar year. In 2012 less than 5% of drivers covered by the GreenRoad system globally achieved this top Fleet Elite status. Continue reading

NAFA Webinar Focuses on The Connected Fleet

NAFA Webinar Focuses on The Connected FleetIn mid-2012 GreenRoad and Bobit fielded a study where a whopping 55% of respondents said that their company provides smartphones to some or all of their drivers. Clearly, smartphones have arrived in fleets. So, it is no surprise that connected fleets are moving to mobile.

On the market today are apps for dispatch, hours of service, delivery confirmation, and MRM and, from GreenRoad, driver performance management with advanced tracking. Continue reading

Worked to Death?

RoadSafe recently published this article, stating that 200 people are injured in road crashes each day while driving for work.

Previously unpublished data from the annual Labour Force Survey carried out by the Office for National Statistics, shows that in 2011 an estimated 73,000 people were seriously or slightly hurt in accidents while travelling on company business (excluding commuting). This is 36% of the total number of 202,000 people recorded injured (but not killed) in all road accidents for that year.

Of those hurt whilst driving in the course of their employment, more than a third (36%) are subsequently off work for more than a week. Continue reading

Newport Boasts Best Bus Drivers in the World

Ten Newport bus drivers have been recognised amongst the world’s very best following an assessment of more than 71,000 drivers across the globe.

The review was carried out by driver behaviour specialists GreenRoad who assessed drivers on the scores they achieved for driving over the last 12 months. The assessment included all types of HGV and PCV drivers from countries including America, Germany, Belgium and Canada.

GreenRoad is an eco-driving system which allows drivers to monitor how they are performing through special sensors fitted to their vehicles. Continue reading

Simonds Drivers are Some of the Best in the World – It’s Official!

Six of Simonds drivers, Steve Cutting, David Elliott, Dale Evans, Michael Gardiner, Andrew Gorringe and Samuel Spinks all recently achieved GreenRoad Fleet Elite status for their safe, smooth and fuel-efficient driving.

GreenRoad is a technology-based device installed in the vehicle to improve driving behaviour, as the telemetrics measure corner and lane handling, speed, acceleration and braking patterns which all contribute to passenger safety and comfort and also fuel efficiency.  The entire company fleet of passenger carrying vehicles is equipped with the GreenRoad driver performance management system and all staff participate in GreenRoad safe driving strategy. Continue reading

D&G Bus Announce New Vehicles and GreenRoad Success

D&G Bus are pleased to announce the purchase of six new Optare Solos for use on services in Crewe. These buses are the 9.7m SR low-floor version, fitted with Mercedes Euro 5 engine; they have leather seats and WIFI installation, Mobitec electronic destination displays and CCTV cameras.

Four of the buses will be used on the new LSTF one1ink service, with the other two going onto D&G route 8 which connects Wistaston Green and Sydney with Crewe town centre. Continue reading

GreenRoad Sharpens Focus on Driver Safety at South Mill Mushroom Sales, a Large Mushroom and Produce Operator

REDWOOD CITY, CA – March 14, 2013 - GreenRoad™, the leader in driver performance management, has sharpened the focus on driver safety at South Mill, one of America’s top five mushroom and produce growers and distributors. GreenRoad, initially deployed across the company’s tractor/trailer fleet, has now been expanded to all company vehicles including farm vehicles, dump trucks and administrative vehicles. The expanded use of GreenRoad has resulted in further improvements in idling time, reductions in fuel consumption and collision risk reductions.

South Mill, headquartered in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, is a vertically integrated mushroom and produce operator serving the Eastern U.S. South Mill delivers 1.3 million pounds mushrooms, produce and third party refrigerated freight per week in 80 outbound loads. The South Mill fleet of 70 tractor and refrigerated trucks deliver around the clock to most major cities east of the Rockies, from six major distribution centres, including from its headquarters in Kennett Square.

Perishable Product Means More Driver Pressure

South Mill grows and delivers perishable products that typically have a10 day farm-to-plate shelf life. As Mark Moran, operations manager at South Mill, said:

“We need to get the produce to the consumer within a specific time window. It’s a fast-paced environment with a high percent of team drivers. Our drivers need to drive safely while operating under this time pressure.”

South Mill began with a three-month GreenRoad trial in five trucks and has since expanded GreenRoad to all company vehicles, including farm vehicles, dump trucks and managerial and administrative automobiles.

Improving the Safety Culture, Reducing Idling Time and Fuel Consumption

“Improving our safety culture was a primary motivator for us,” continued Moran. “With the GreenRoad red-light, green-light in-cab system, the drivers always know how they are doing. They know, ‘green is good’.”

South Mill initially measured a baseline GreenRoad Safety Score of 38. After 30 days of using GreenRoad, the average Safety Score dropped substantially, and now averages around 8-9 per month. GreenRoad considers any Safety Score below 20 safe, so the improvement is significant.

“We installed GreenRoad in the cab of one of our long-term drivers who has over 2.3 million driving miles. We were surprised to learn that he was an aggressive driver with harsh breaking and acceleration. He embraced GreenRoad and saw his Safety Score come down. He began experiencing better fuel economy and softer breaking results. This is a success and one of the reasons we rolled GreenRoad out to the broader fleet,” continued Moran.

Moran also added, “GreenRoad makes it very easy to manage idling. We thought idling was a problem with our over-the-road delivery trucks, but we found the real idling issues were with our local fleet. The numbers don’t lie and that’s a good thing. It gives us the proof we need to work with drivers on improvements that translate to reduced idling and lower fuel costs.”

How GreenRoad Works and GreenRoad Safety Score

GreenRoad data is based on the GreenRoad Safety Score which is automatically calculated through the use of sophisticated in-vehicle and smartphone-based technology that captures and tabulates risky or fuel inefficient driving events; the lower the Safety Score, the safer the driver. Driving is measured across five categories: braking, acceleration, corner handling, lane handling and speeding.

The GreenRoad Safety Score is as follows:

0-20 – Green – denotes smooth, safe, fuel-efficient driving.

20-40 – Yellow – indicates that improvements are required in the individual’s driving style so that less fuel is used and the risk of damage to the vehicle is minimised.

40+ – Red – shows that the driver is burning far too much fuel and regularly engaging in risky behaviour that could result in an accident.

For more information about GreenRoad please click here to contact us.

About South Mill

South Mill, and their growing division Kaolin Mushroom Farms, is one of the five largest mushroom growers/packers/distributors in the United States. South Mill is family owned and operated since 1945 and employs over 800 dedicated personnel. South Mill, headquartered in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, is a vertically integrated producer, controlling all aspects from cultivation to consumer with an extensive distribution network serving the Eastern U.S.

About GreenRoad

GreenRoad is the leading driver performance management service for fleets.   Using cloud and mobile technology, GreenRoad helps drivers self-improve. Companies using GreenRoad realize significant savings because better drivers use less fuel, crash less frequently and reduce vehicle emissions. The unique GreenRoad Driver Improvement Loop™ helps fleets save by immediately improving driver performance with advanced in-vehicle mobile technology and change management best practices.  Proven across 70,000 drivers worldwide, in all vehicle types and industries, GreenRoad dramatically reduces fuel consumption and crashes so customers realise positive ROI within 60-90 days.

Media Contacts

Daisy Seymour | GreenRoad | | +44 (0) 7766 666 209

Julie McHenry | Communications Insight, LLC | | (650) 504-6655

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The Potential of Telematics and OEM-Branded Apps

Telematics Update’s Susan Kuchinskas looks at the potential of (and barriers to) OEM-branded apps delivered to the phone in fleets in her recent informative online article.  Susan analyses a variety of solutions, including the recently launched GreenRoad Smartphone edition. So, if you’re still not quite sure what it means, read on…

Handsets First

For its branded smartphone application, GreenRoad, provider of driver performance management services for fleets, took a different tack to others, starting with the phone and planning to connect to in-car systems later. Continue reading