Transdev Selects GreenRoad To Cut Accidents and Idling

Transdev, one of the largest public transport operators in Europe, has chosen GreenRoad to cut the risk of accidents and to cut fuel consumption across its fleet of more than 400 buses across Yorkshire and Lancashire. GreenRoad will be deployed across its depots by the end of 2013.

By the end of 2013, over 1,000 Transdev drivers will use GreenRoad to cut fuel and risky incidents.

Read the press release here

GreenRoad recognised in BusinessCar Techies

We are thrilled that yet again GreenRoad has been recognised in the annual BusinessCar Techies awards. Today, BusinessCar announced that GreenRoad is highly commended in the risk management category for GreenRoad Smartphone Edition.

This is the fifth consecutive year that GreenRoad has been recognised by the BusinessCar Techies. Previous accolades include the best app category in 2012 and both Best Risk Management System (2010 & 2011) and for Best Green Development in 2009.

GreenRoad Smartphone Edition broke new ground with its announcement in October 2012 as the world’s first smartphone-based driver performance solution for fleets. GreenRoad’s Smartphone Edition uses native smartphone functionality, including GPS and built-in accelerometers, eliminating the need for a telematics device to be installed in the vehicle.

Drivers use the service by downloading the app, putting their phone into a cradle and beginning their trip. The app detects when the vehicle is moving and starts automatically. It’s this elegant design and ease of use that make GreenRoad’s Smartphone Edition a winning proposition.

The Green Forrest

ForrestForrest, the UK social housing regeneration specialist, is investing £1.7m in a new fleet of carbon-efficient vehicles, the first of which arrived in March 2013. It is also using GreenRoad in all new cars and vans to cut fuel consumption and encourage safer driving behaviour.

During a pilot at its Leeds branch in 2012, Forrest saw a 75% reduction in risky manoevers in just one week with drivers going from an average of high risk to low risk. Furthermore, Forrest has seen mpg increase by as much as 60% in the pilot project.

Click here to read TrafficSafe’s case study on Forrest, covering the recent pilot project in depth as well as plans for the future including electric vehicles.

Understanding the financial benefits of managing road risk: a new report from Brake

BrakeHurry – Brake is offering the first 25 copies for free

Brake, the road safety charity, has today published guidance for fleet managers on the financial benefits of managing road risk. Sponsored by GreenRoad, this best practice report highlights the hidden cost of crashes and provides practical steps for fleet managers to follow.

At-work crashes cost the UK billions of pounds each year. Even minor crashes are expensive: and the total cost of a fleet vehicle insurance claim can be up to 15 times higher than average direct repair costs*. Eliminating even minor crashes can pay dividends. Despite today’s limited budgets, investing in fleet safety can result in a quick ROI.

The guidance includes expert advice delivered at a recent Brake webinar on ‘saving money through fleet risk management’. It demonstrates how identifying and managing the risks of vehicle collisions, as well as engaging with fleet insurers, can help lower operating costs.

The report is available for free to Fleet Safety Forum subscribers, or can be purchased for £5 by non-subscribers. Special offer: the first 25 non-subscribers to request the report will get a copy for free. Please email or call +44 (0)1484 559909 to order.

* Davey, Jeremy D. & Banks, Tamara D. (2005) Estimating the cost of work motor vehicle incidents in Australia.

Climb Every Mountain


It’s not just the big fleets that can make great gains using telematics. Alpine Travel in North Wales has been using GreenRoad since 2011 to cut risk and save fuel. An impressive 15% of its drivers achieved Fleet Elite status earlier this year, well above the average fleet with 5%. Jason Beattie of Alpine Travel explains the secrets of their success in this case study. And for those of you who subscribe to Coach & Bus Week in the UK, the article appears in this week’s issue here.

Important Cargo? Your Customers May Appreciate ‘Quick Locator’!

Sleafordian Quick LocatorIn addition to delivering improvements in safety, GreenRoad has recently assisted Sleafordian Coaches in achieving another important goal: By using GreenRoad’s Quick Locator feature, parents have been given their own secure and easy access to GreenRoad in order to track the school trips of their children that extend beyond the school day. Giving additional peace of mind and improved communication, parents are understandably really pleased with this tool. Continue reading

What Fleet Leaders Are Talking About: Fleet Tracking Technology

At GreenRoad, we like talking to our customers and other fleet leaders to find out what’s top of mind. We do it in person, at industry conferences, lunch-and-learn events and other meetings; on the phone; and even via email or our frequent online surveys.

In one of our recent surveys, we asked fleet leaders in a variety of industries how they feel about advanced fleet tracking technology. We surveyed more than 200 respondents, all of whom are responsible in some direct way for fleet vehicle technology or other major fleet purchases. Respondents represented fleets of all sizes, from fewer than 100 to more than 1,000 vehicles. Continue reading

Technology: Get on Board the Route to Success with our Album Update

This year’s Album Conference, hosted by Nottingham City Transport earlier in the month had some fascinating speakers and really was the place to be for passenger transport industry knowledge, with the best technology the bus industry has to offer all in one place!

The show kicked off on a lovely sunny day, with lots of interesting stuff on display and plenty of delegates asking a myriad of questions. Continue reading

Data into Action, Continued: Our New Real-Time Email Alerts

You’ve probably heard us talk about our mantra — Data into Action – and how we want to empower you to take action based on the information you learn about your fleet.  

That’s why we’re excited about our new real-time alerts for red events, which make it even easier to manage your fleet. An updated version of GreenRoad Central, the software at the heart of the GreenRoad service, includes real-time alerts for exception events, including high-risk events in all driver behaviour categories as well as speed violations. Continue reading

Word on the Street at NAFA Expo: We Want to Improve Safety and Cut Operational Costs!

Atlantic City is always a fun destination, with beaches, casinos, and the world famous boardwalk.  For those of us in the Fleet Industry the town took on a special excitement in April, as the venue for the NAFA 2013 Institute & Expo.  This is probably the most important Fleet Management show in the country because it gives us the opportunity to network and gather information from industry leaders, our peers and vendors.  Continue reading