Customer Support is Number One!

Eli Kaufman has been managing GreenRoad’s tech support in the UK for the last 4 years and is all for tools that make the lives of fleet managers that little bit easier. One such example is the recently launched improved Customer Support Portal (CSP) which, as he explains, offers the following advantages:

• Single sign-on from GreenRoad Central – no need for separate log-in details, the support portal is just a click away. Continue reading

Could Your Fleet Benefit From Advanced Tracking?

Could your fleet benefit from advanced tracking? Today GreenRoad announced the integration of GPS Insight to its best-in-class driver performance and safety solution.

With Advanced Tracking, GreenRoad provides fleet operators with additional powerful fleet management capabilities resulting in improved fuel economy, better asset utilisation and enhanced productivity.

Dean Sullivan, managing director of Hertfordshire-based Sullivan Buses, a GreenRoad customer who has been trialling the beta version of Advanced Tracking, commented: Continue reading

Data into Action, Continued: Our New To-Do List

We all know that GreenRoad provides you with valuable insight into your drivers’ performance and safety.  But GreenRoad is more than interesting reading; our mantra is Data into Action.  GreenRoad is all about taking action based on the information you learn about your fleet.  Over the past year, we’ve added our GreenRoad Central mobile app, revamped our reporting suite, and implemented myriad other changes throughout GreenRoad Central, toward that goal.

A critical component of making data actionable is a good set of exception management tools.  With that in mind, GreenRoad is pleased to introduce real-time email alerts.  We kicked off the alerts beta in January, and last weekend, based on the positive feedback from beta participants, we made them available to all customers.  Continue reading

Stay Tuned to Welcome The GreenRoad Fleet Elite…

As people around the world are resolving to return to the gym, eat their vegetables, and stop texting at the dining table, we at GreenRoad are working on our own 2013 resolution: recognise exceptional drivers.  We’ve tallied up the 2012 Fleet Elite standings for all of our drivers worldwide, and in the next couple of weeks, we’ll be welcoming our first Fleet Elite inductees: drivers who have gone “beyond green” and distinguished themselves as the best on the road. Continue reading

Three Tips for Saving Money in 2013 Using GreenRoad Advanced Tracking

Make the new year more cost-effective with these powerful ways to save money in 2013.

Among our customers’ top requests in 2012 was to add MRM, or GPS tracking, to GreenRoad.  We are happy to oblige.  With GreenRoad Advanced Tracking added to your GreenRoad account, you get the very best of driver performance management combined with the very best fleet tracking and management—all from GreenRoad.

Financially, what does this mean for your fleet? Continue reading

The GreenRoad Central mobile app gets an upgrade: Five great reasons why you should try it today

Has your phone become a sort of external organ?  If so, join the club.  Complain about it though I might, it’s hard to deny the appeal of having a phone/camera/navigation system/game console/notepad/watch/mini-computer that fits in my pocket.  How did we survive before we had a palm-sized rectangle to get us out of virtually any bind, from overdue library books to forgotten boarding passes?

If you’re nodding your head, then you probably already have GreenRoad Central mobile app on your iPhone or Android phone, providing you with anytime, anywhere access to key information from your GreenRoad account.  You don’t?  Why not?  With our latest update, there are even more reasons to give it a try:

Real-time coaching: As one seasoned driver trainer told me, the mobile app has made the Android tablet his coaching tool of choice.  What would traditionally have been a hard sell because of the time gap between the action and the response becomes a fluid conversation, held within minutes of trip completion, Continue reading

Feature Highlight: How-To Eliminate Unauthorised Vehicle Use with GreenRoad Advanced Tracking

Over the years we’ve talked to many fleet managers, and they often share a nagging concern:  are my employees using company vehicles outside of work hours or for personal trips?  Here’s some good news.  You can easily identify – and eliminate – unauthorised vehicle use with the new GreenRoad Advanced Tracking. The solution helps ensure compliance with your vehicle use policies, in addition to helping you optimise fleet operations. What’s more, you can get started quickly.  Current GreenRoad customers have no additional technology to install, and – it only takes about an hour to learn the application.  You can quickly become an adept user and benefit from powerful fleet management capabilities. Continue reading

GreenRoad 2012 Reflections

Our number one goal at GreenRoad is to help you realise success.  We want you to save money by having the best drivers on the road—drivers who are safe, fuel-efficient and eco-friendly.  We want you to make more money in your business—often by increasing your customers’ satisfaction with your drivers.  We also want to make you better managers, help you save time, and become more efficient.  Your success is our success.

We’ve hit some key milestones in the last year in our progress toward this goal and I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the GreenRoad improvements I personally find most exciting. Continue reading

Being the World’s First

It’s not often you get the opportunity to be the world’s first at anything.  That’s why I’m so proud to announce the GreenRoad Smartphone Edition.  It is the world’s first driver performance service delivered completely from a smartphone. 

It is a stunning accomplishment.  The GreenRoad Smartphone Edition offers precise, real-time in-vehicle driver feedback on par with our in-vehicle device.  Our developers creatively leveraged the smartphone native technology to create the next generation of a telematics device.  With GreenRoad Smartphone Edition, a driver’s smartphone is transformed into an effective, in-vehicle driving coach. 

Over the past year, I’ve spoken a lot about the GreenRoad Connected Fleet vision.  The GreenRoad Smartphone Edition is a big step in making that vision a reality.  There’s a lot more to come as our talented team continues to recognise all the possibilities that can come from mobile and cloud technology. Continue reading

Improving Fleet Operations through Advanced Tracking

Every day the team at GreenRoad works hard to help deliver the best drivers on the road.  When I meet with fleet management leadership to understand what more we can do to help their operations, I often hear the request for advanced fleet tracking. Today we are thrilled to announce GreenRoad is partnering with GPS Insight, one of the premiere providers of fleet tracking, to offer an exciting new fleet tracking solution.

GPS Insight will be an optional add-on service with GreenRoad, so you will have two powerful solutions together in one place. Continue reading