Objective In-Cab Feedback

Eliminate Bad Habits and Risky Driving Behaviours

Driver Vehicle Feedback OverviewGreenRoad’s in-cab display gives fleet drivers objective, real-time feedback whenever a risky driving event occurs. Simple audio and visual feedback helps fleet drivers quickly self-correct without being distracted from the road. And at the end of every trip, an automatic summary displays the trip safety level and other stats.

Track Your Fleet and Analyse Driver Behaviour

GreenRoad’s patented algorithm analyses and corrects more than 150 manoeuvres and compound events across five categories:

  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Lane handling
  • Cornering
  • Speeding

Get Started Instantly with Our Mobile AppMobile Driver Feedback Trip Summary

Setting up GreenRoad’s powerful real-time, in-vehicle coaching is as easy as trying our fleet management mobile app. Our application works with the advanced technology in your mobile device to recognise different fleet vehicle types from heavy trucks, busses and construction vehicles to light delivery vehicles, trucks, cars and vans. Get your drivers connected and out on the road in just a few clicks.

Analyse Driver Scores and Trends

With our fleet management software suite of reporting and analysis capabilities you can easily access safety scores by driver, trip, or organisational unit. Use this information to determine where you can apply objective feedback and training to improve fleet driver behaviour company wide.

Our easy to install technology instantly helps drivers improve while helping you collect actionable data.

OBDII Driver BehaviorOBDII Telematics ConnectedMobile Telematics AppOBDII Telematics Device


If mobile capabilities aren’t an option for your organisation today, click here to talk to one of our experts about how we can help with an in-vehicle hardware solution.