Telematics Plus Video – See The Full Picture

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Telematics Plus Video – See The Full Picture

A good telematics solution gives your company intelligence and tools to keep your drivers safe and your fleet at peak efficiency. The very best proactively aid drivers in the moment, on the road. But sometimes you need to really see what happened to get the full picture. This is where GreenRoad Video Integration comes in.

Improve Driving Quicker

GreenRoad Video Integration captures footage of events and delivers them to the GreenRoad Central portal. Footage captured includes the 30 seconds before and after each safety so that drivers and managers can see the specific circumstances that accompanied or led to a safety event as well as the results. This helps everyone understand which safety events are driver correctable, which are caused by external road factors, and how to target improvement efforts to get the greatest impact.

A Reliable Eyewitness

Video footage provides neutral, reliable testimony to help settle insurance claims and protect drivers that are falsely accused of causing an incident. With this solid evidence, companies and their insurance partners can investigate events more quickly, reduce overall costs associated with collisions and lower insurance premiums.

Just the Important Stuff

While video data clearly adds value, companies don’t want to waste time sifting through irrelevant footage and drivers don’t want to feel they are under constant scrutiny. GreenRoad only stores critical events caused by unsafe behaviour. So companies and their drivers get only the footage they need, when it matters most.