Advice from a Leader: How to Improve Your Safety Culture

When it comes to making a big impact on your safety culture, one industry leader; Phil Renaud, the Vice President of Operational Risk and the Global Head of Health, Safety and Environment for DHL Supply Chain, recommends taking a pro-active, positive approach.   He strongly urges safety management to work with operations and other departments in a supportive manner.  “When I first started this job, some managers didn’t want Safety personnel to enter their building.  They thought we were there to hit them with a stick,” he recalled.  “Instead, you have to make them feel like Safety is there to help them.  We’re on their side.”

Earlier this week Phil joined David Coleman from GreenRoad and they co-presented at the Green Truck Summit, an educational forum preceding the NTEA Work Truck Show.

Phil says implementing GreenRoad in a positive way is one secret to the program’s success.  His drivers quickly got used to the service, and their safety scores dramatically dropped.  It became a competition for the drivers to see who could get the lowest scores.  There was a 78% improvement in just 8 weeks.    The results were stunning.