As Stubborn as a . . . Twenty Year Driver?

Earlier this month, GreenRoad UK hosted a particularly informative User Group at The National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham.  Attendees included representatives from some of the most progressive fleets in the UK, from bus and coach companies, such as First Group and Newport Transport to service fleets like Iron Mountain and Northern Gas Networks.  Speakers included Adrian Walsh of RoadSafe and Driving for Better Business, who discussed work-related road safety and legislation to Mark Cartwright of the FTA/Van Excellence who advised the crowd on best practice for van operators.  We also heard an inspiring case study from Gary Bell of Bunzl, who as well as obtaining an immediate ROI, stated that GreenRoad is changing the relationship between depot managers and their drivers.  He quoted his colleague Mark Moore:

 “Thanks to the information available through GreenRoad, we also have intangible benefits such as engaging more closely with drivers. An improved understanding of what is happening out on the road has enabled us to build a closer relationship with drivers and ensure that safety is now at the top of the agenda.”

We also received a sneak preview of the GreenRoad Product Roadmap from our VP Product Marketing; Karen White and internal experts Mark Hampson and Chris Deakin discussed Change Management and GreenRoad Best Practise respectively.

This was an incredibly useful day for all, but in particular for us GreenRoaders.  It is listening to the feedback and point-of-view that we receive from our customers and other fleet experts that ensures we remain leaders in our field and continue to deliver the best service we can.

For example, our SVP Marketing; Tanya Roberts heard that sometimes one of the biggest challenges facing new GreenRoad customers is getting the more “senior” drivers on board.  Often someone who has been driving for more than 20 years doesn’t see the value of technology that provides real-time, in-vehicle driving feedback.  This challenge was one of many discussed at the User Group.  Sam Mannion, Business Support Manager of Northern Gas Network has a brilliant solution.

Northern Gas tasks the “senior” technicians to mentor the more junior apprentices.  Sam asks the more tenured drivers who are resistant to GreenRoad point blank:

“Would you be able to stand by and watch one of your new apprentices do something dangerous while they are working on a gas line?  Could you really look the other direction and just hope they don’t injure themselves?”  She then goes on, “That’s how it is with me.  I can’t ignore your driving.  We want you to get home safely.”

Needless to say, that perspective gets the “senior” drivers right in line.  The next day their GreenRoad driving scores are green.