South Mill

South Mill needed to save money on fuel costs while improving the a safety of their drivers.

South Mill improves their driver behavior with GreenRoad.

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South Mill

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GreenRoad Driver Behavior

The Challenge

South Mill is one of the five largest mushroom growers/packers/distributors in the United States. South Mill is family owned and operated since 1945 and employs over 800 dedicated personnel. Headquartered in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, the company is a vertically integrated producer, controlling all aspects from cultivation to consumer with an extensive distribution network serving the Eastern U.S.

At South Mill Mushroom Sales, which grows and delivers products that typically have a 10-day farm-to-plate shelf life, a timely delivery of those perishable products is of paramount importance. Of equal importance, however, is safety.

So when South Mill began evaluating in-vehicle fleet management technology, Operations Manager Mark Moran was drawn to GreenRoad’s driver performance management service. “Improving our safety culture was a primary motivator for us,” Moran said.

The Solution

South Mill, which is a vertically integrated producer, controlling all aspects from cultivation to consumer, began with a three-month GreenRoad trial in five trucks in its tractor/trailer fleet. The company has since expanded GreenRoad to all company vehicles, including farm vehicles, dump trucks and managerial and administrative automobiles.

Using cloud and mobile technology, GreenRoad helps drivers self-improve. GreenRoad provides drivers and fleet managers with real-time, comprehensive feedback, online reporting, and analysis and coaching on their abilities, maneuvers and patterns. GreenRoad positively impacts both conscious and unconscious driving behavior – the key to creating safer, more efficient drivers. “Improving our safety culture was a primary motivator for us,” Moran said. “With the GreenRoad red-light, green-light in-cab system, the drivers always know how they are doing. They know, ‘green is good’.”

“It’s a fast-paced environment with a high percent of team drivers. Our drivers need to drive safely while operating under this time pressure. Now our entire fleet is outfitted with GreenRoad, including all the farm vehicles, local dump trucks and administrative vehicles.”-Mark Moran, Operations Manager, South Mill

The Result

South Mill initially measured a baseline GreenRoad Safety Score of 38. After 30 days of using GreenRoad, the average Safety Score dropped substantially and now averages around 8-9 per month. GreenRoad considers any Safety Score below 20 safe, so the improvement is significant.

“GreenRoad makes it very easy to manage idling,” Moran said. “We thought idling was a problem with our over-the-road delivery trucks, but we found the real idling issues were with our local fleet. The numbers don’t lie, and that’s a good thing. It gives us the proof we need to work with drivers on improvements that translate to reduced idling and lower fuel costs.”

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