Data into Action: Reporting Enhancements

By David Ripstein - CEO

Our mantra at GreenRoad is “data into action”.  Information alone isn’t an asset (unless, perhaps, you’ve made it to the finals on Jeopardy); it’s what you do with that information that creates change.  To that end, we released another round of enhancements to our on-demand report catalogue, all designed to help distill out those critical insights from the millions of data points GreenRoad collects.

  • We added an option to generate the Events or Trips report for a single vehicle or driver.  The new filter makes it easy to drill into the details for a specific driver or vehicle without exporting to Excel – a real help when you’re coaching a driver.
  • Two new reports keep you on top of the #1 cause of catastrophic crashes: speeding.  The Fleet Speed Violations report and Posted Speed Violations report (available if you’re using this feature) give you detailed visibility into the timing, distribution, location and severity of speeding events across your fleet.
  • This past weekend, We’ve added two of our most popular email reports to our online catalogue: an Unassociated Trips Log, and a second report that rolls up Unassociated Trips by Vehicle.  If your fleet uses Dallas keys, these reports help you get the most behavior change benefit out of GreenRoad by highlighting any issues with trip association.
  • Our new reports home page lets you easily navigate our expanded set of reports.  The home page includes quick access to your 10 most recently-viewed reports, in addition to saved reports and the main reports catalogue.