Driver Fatigue: The Tired Tale – Fatigue Management Plan Template

4. Template for Fatigue Management Plan – Policies and Best Practices:

A Fatigue Management plan is a written, and employee acknowledged, document that provides information on the organizational commitment to combat driver fatigue. The employee acknowledgement demonstrates their commitment to the organizations policies and understanding of their duty to take reasonable care of their safety and health in the workplace.

A fatigue Management Plan includes:

  • Policies for scheduling employee work time
  • Policies that specifically defined  “fitness for work” that include
    • alcohol and drug policies,
    • access to medical and other appropriate assistance
    • authorization for staff to make alternative arrangements when a driver is not fit for duty
    • Education content and process for drivers in fatigue management
      • Train and ensure all new hires, employees, contractors and managers understand the meaning of fatigue and have the knowledge and skills to practice effective fatigue management.
      • Check employee/supervisor understanding of the corporate plan and policies
      • Check employee/supervisor  knowledge of the risk factors affecting fitness for duty
    • Follow a fatigue incident management plan for addressing and documenting events relating to driving or other work activities due to fatigue
    • Establish and maintaining appropriate workplace conditions.
      • Ensure managers and supervisors understand how to establish safe systems at work
      • Ensure  understanding and application of the driver fatigue training
      • Review training on a regular basis
      • Provide all managers, supervisors and employees with information on the fatigue management plan when it is revised.