Driving Safer and Smarter…

By David Ripstein - CEO

GreenRoad’s VP of Product Marketing, Karen White, has recently contributed to this great Trucks at Work blog post on smarter and safer driving.

The post covers some interesting thoughts from a couple of different sources concerning the ever-pertinent topic of “safe driving.” How do fleets get drivers – raw newbies and seasoned professionals alike – to keep striving for safety improvements day in and day out, despite the ups and downs built in to any human endeavor?  As noted in this space time and time again, driving is an act taken for granted by most of us – and taking something as fraught with danger as operating a motor vehicle at high speeds for granted leads to all sorts of trouble.

We need to look at the thousands of decisions a driver makes every day”, says Karen White, SVP of Product Marketing at GreenRoad, “not just the ones that result in a speeding ticket, fender bender, or fatality.”

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