Driving While Sick as Dangerous as Driving While Drunk?

Driving While Sick as Dangerous as Driving While Drunk? There has been a lot of research done about factors that influence our behavior and performance behind the wheel. Most of us know the main factors such as drinking, driving when tired or stressed and how they negatively impact on our decision making abilities, concentration and overall behavior.

What about driving when you have a heavy cold or other illness, do you ever stop to think if your driving ability is impaired?

According to recent research by Halfords and insurance company Young Marmalade?you should: ?Results showed that a severe illness could impair driving ability to the same extent as having four double whiskies. In fact, someone suffering from a cold can see a big drop in reaction times as well as erratic cornering and sudden braking becoming much more frequent as the driver is less aware of surrounding traffic and their immediate environment.

Add to this the effects of any medication you may be taking to help overcome your illness, which could cause drowsiness and you can see why next time you are ill and your journey is absolutely necessary you should think twice about getting behind the wheel and try and get someone else to drive you or take advantage of public transport.