Enterprise at The UK Fleet News Congress

By David Ripstein - CEO

It was great to see so many of you at The Heritage Motor Centre last week for yet another fantastic Fleet News Congress.  We continued our sponsorship of the Accident Reduction stream and had a great turn-out to all three of our sessions.  Our very own industry expert, Andy Cozens advised on how in-vehicle technologies can assist with keeping your fleet safe, using a variety of customer case studies as examples.  He also touched on a couple of exciting product developments, including the pioneering GreenRoad Smartphone Edition and GreenRoad’s New Advanced Fleet Tracking option, which is going down a storm!

The highlight of the day for us, though, was an impromptu contribution to session one from long-time GreenRoad advocate, Alison Moriarty of Enterprise – the UK’s largest dedicated maintenance and frontline service provider to the public sector and utility industry.  Alison is responsible for over 10,000 vehicles and is currently trialling GreenRoad.

“I joined Enterprise as a Health and Safety Professional, with no particular focus on road risk.  However, with a diverse fleet including cars, winter-gritters and waste disposal etc, I found there were a variety of problems that needed to be dealt with.

Initially I went out to observe a few ‘seat-grippingly’ bad drivers and witnessed that whilst they were being 100% safe doing what they saw as their actual ‘job’, they were then driving like lunatics in between, as they did not see driving as work.

Following this experience, I worked to ensure that we put substantial emphasis on driver behaviour.  I stressed to our drivers that after making improvements, when you get back in your car, you take those improvements home. 

We made some initial changes through communication and training, but these soon plateaued and I realised it was time for telematics. 

I spent a lot of time researching all the solutions out there and found GreenRoad to be a ‘no-brainer’.  I am now a self-confessed fleet ‘anorak’, as some might say – I prefer ‘evangelist’ myself, I believe that encouraging drivers to check their own profiles and take responsibility for their own behaviour is the biggest plus of GreenRoad – it really is the only way to sustain improvements with the competitive male drivers that my fleet is primarily made up of.

I’ve always said that driver behaviour is the only way to achieve sustained improvements in safety – it’s got to be about that individual’s health & safety policy framework.  Similarly to GreenRoad, I now work closely with Brake; The Road Safety Charity – and Driving for Better Business, helping to get this message out there.

Ultimately, I could not recommend GreenRoad enough and believe this is the only solution that makes drivers WANT to improve.”