Over 4,500 UK GreenRoad Drivers Achieve Fleet Elite for 2013 – Demonstrating the Safest, Most Fuel-efficient Driving

By David Ripstein - CEO

57 Stagecoach Drivers Score a Perfect Zero; Iron Mountain Scores as Safest Fleet in the UK, First Group excels with over 800 Fleet Elite Drivers

London – 24th March, 2014 – GreenRoad, the leading provider of driver-focused fleet performance management solutions, today announced that over 4,500 UK drivers achieved Fleet Elite status for 2013, demonstrating that they are the safest drivers on the road.

Designed to motivate drivers and reward outstanding driving, the Fleet Elite 2013 program saw a four-fold increase in the number of drivers compared to 2012 when there were 1,143 Fleet Elite drivers. This is partly due to GreenRoad’s expanding customer base but is also as a result of improved driving

Ninety-two UK drivers completed the year with a perfect score of zero, whilst 510 drivers had a score of one, indicating an average of 0.1 risky maneuvers per 10 hours driving.

Fleet Elite status is awarded to GreenRoad drivers who maintain a GreenRoad Safety Score* of five or less for the full calendar year of 2013 and log over 500 GreenRoad driving hours. On average, 5% of drivers achieve Fleet Elite.

“Over the last year we have noticed the strength of feeling about the Fleet Elite scheme. Drivers wear their Fleet Elite badges with pride,” said Andy Cozens, Director of Sales at GreenRoad. “Each customer attributes its success to different factors but common themes include incentive program and a commitment from management, drivers and unions to changing behavior.”

Stellar Results from UK Customers

The fleet with the highest proportion of Fleet Elite drivers is Iron Mountain with 138 (nearly 40%) of its qualifying van and truck drivers in the UK and Ireland attaining this accolade. Five drivers scored a perfect zero. This demonstrates a substantial increase over 2012 when Iron Mountain had 56 Fleet Elite drivers.

The bus and coach fleet with the most outstanding results is Stagecoach with nearly 3,000 drivers achieving Fleet Elite status. This represents nearly 14% of all Stagecoach drivers. Of these, 57 scored zero – a perfect score – indicating no risky manoeuvres.

FirstGroup excels with more than 800 drivers awarded the Fleet Elite honours. Special credit goes to the 15 drivers scoring a perfect zero, even with FirstGroup’s exceptionally tight safety events thresholds.

Other fleets with a very high proportion of Fleet Elite drivers are Tower Transit with nearly 150 Fleet Elite drivers, representing over 10% of its drivers; and EYMS with 62 Fleet Elite drivers.

It’s not just the large fleets that are reaping the benefits of safer driver and reduced fuel consumption. The bus and coach operator Alpine Travel has 18 Fleet Elite drivers out of a team of 49, representing 37% of its drivers.

Grahan Mcginley at Transdev‘s Malton depot has maintained a zero score and eliminated all idling since June 2013.

“The instant feedback from GreenRoad ensures I make a conscious effort to anticipate events further ahead. I am now much lighter on the brake and accelerator and it’s satisfying to know that I am doing my part to reduce the environmental impact of public transport. There’s a keen competitive atmosphere at our depot and we check and compare our scores every day. Gaining Fleet Elite status is an important part of being recognized as one of the best drivers.”

How the GreenRoad Safety Score is calculated

GreenRoad provides drivers with real-time, in-vehicle feedback every trip, every mile. At the start of every trip, a driver starts out “green”. If a risky manoeuvre occurs, such as hard braking or rapid acceleration, the GreenRoad display flashes a yellow or red light, depending on the severity of the event. These risky events are tabulated to create a GreenRoad Safety Score.

A GreenRoad Safety Score is a rolling average of the last ten driving hours. GreenRoad considers a Safety Score of 20 or below safe or “Green” driving. Scores between 21 and 50 are moderately risky. Any driver with a score over 50 is considered a risky driver.

Safety events are broken into five major categories: braking, acceleration, corner handling, lane handling and speeding. Driver behavior is measured using a sophisticated combination of a sensitive accelerometer, GPS data and advanced algorithms.

About GreenRoad

GreenRoad provides a single, comprehensive telematics solution to both change driver behavior and manage fleet performance and efficiency. Its solution engages drivers directly for meaningful, lasting behavior change. At the same time, fleet tracking, mapping and reporting help fleets optimize their daily and strategic operations. To GreenRoad customers this means increased safety and customer satisfaction and reduced operating costs for a clear competitive advantage.

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