Fleet Safety a Winning Value for Modern Transportation’s Employees & Company

Automotive Fleet have just published a great article online detailing Modern Transportation Services’ progressive approach to employee safety, supported by their use of the GreenRoad system:

Employee safety is so deeply embedded in every aspect of Modern Transportation Services’ corporate culture; it is nearly a living, breathing entity. The company was recently presented the Fleet Safety Award, sponsored by the American Automotive Leasing Association (AALA) and Bobit Business Media, publisher of Automotive Fleet, and selected by the presidents of 10 of the largest fleet management companies.

“Modern Transportation believes the safety and well-being of all its personnel is of the utmost importance. In short, nothing we do is worth hurting ourselves or others,” according to Tammy Evans, vice president of operations, in the company’s “Mission Document.”

Indeed, the company’s statement of “mission” begins with a safety-based promise to employees and customers.

Headquartered in suburban Pittsburgh, Modern Transportation provides bulk logistics solutions to customers out of 28 terminals located from the East Coast to the Rocky Mountains. The 25-year-old company’s 400 drivers pick up and deliver wet/dry raw materials to manufacturing customers with the use of 300 tractors and 500 trailers.

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