Forrest Drives Green Investment with £1.7M New Fleet – and GreenRoad

Forrest, the social housing regeneration specialist, is investing £1.7 million in a new carbon efficient fleet. A total of 130 cars and vans will be introduced over two years for community liaison officers, site managers and operatives.

Alongside the introduction of the new vehicles, Forrest is also rolling out ‘GreenRoad’, a measurement program that tracks drivers’ performance and scores it against more than 100 categories.

The focus of GreenRoad is on creating safer and more environmentally-friendly driving by highlighting good practice through a green light system, encouraging motorists to modify their behavior, reducing risk, lowering insurance premiums and creating better driving habits.

In a trial run, Forrest found that when using GreenRoad, all 10 test subjects received a green rating, in comparison to just one when no system was used. The overall score of drivers went from 40 to 11 in one week, which represents a major decrease in the number of potentially hazardous maneuvers being made.

Lee McCarren, chief executive at Forrest, said:

“In all of the services Forrest provides we advocate sustainability, so it’s important that we practice what we preach. The introduction of the new fleet, complemented by GreenRoad technology, will enable us to deliver greener operations. We’re already seeing positive results as our staff are made more aware of the actions that constitute a safe and conscientious drive and look forward to reaping future benefits.”