GreenRoad 2012 Reflections

By David Ripstein - CEO

Our number one goal at GreenRoad is to help you realize success.  We want you to save money by having the best drivers on the road—drivers who are safe, fuel-efficient and eco-friendly.  We want you to make more money in your business—often by increasing your customers’ satisfaction with your drivers.  We also want to make you better managers, help you save time, and become more efficient.  Your success is our success.

We’ve hit some key milestones in the last year in our progress toward this goal and I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the GreenRoad improvements I personally find most exciting.

One of our biggest breakthroughs this year was the introduction of our first GreenRoad Central mobile app.  The app puts key insights from GreenRoad Central in the palm of your hand.  Thousands of drivers downloaded the  driver-view of the app within a month of its introduction, and we’ve heard from them that they really appreciate having their own personal data available from their phones.  What we’ve heard from you is that this is really re-engaging drivers.  One of the surprises for us was that a minor feature we added at the last minute, a box showing the driver’s position against the rest of his or her teammates, has turned out to be incredibly popular, fueling a fresh spirit of competition among the drivers.  In fact, we received a lot of requests from drivers and managers to add this feature to the GreenRoad Central website, and so we did.

A few months later, we added a set of mobile features expressly for managers, and we now have managers at virtually every major GreenRoad account taking advantage of the GreenRoad Central mobile app along with their drivers.

Over the past year, we’ve also implemented about a dozen additional enhancements to GreenRoad Central, all aimed at making it faster and easier to translate data into action.  These include a new reporting platform; the ability to instantly generate and save a new dashboard; a vehicle-based dashboard view; and address information for events.

We also announced the introduction of GreenRoad Advanced Tracking, powered by GPS Insight, one of the premier providers of fleet tracking solutions. Through our partnership, we are now able to offer advanced tracking features like landmarks, geofences and route replay?features that help you operate a more efficient and effective fleet.

But perhaps the most stunning accomplishment of 2012 is the release of the GreenRoad Smartphone Edition?a breakthrough development that transforms a driver’s smartphone into an effective, in-vehicle driving coach, without requiring a traditional telematics device.  It’s been incredibly exciting to talk with fleets around the world that are using smartphones to solve traditional problems facing mobile workforces, and to hear them echo our own excitement when they hear about our GreenRoad Smartphone Edition.

Although we’ve been busy in 2012, we are also looking ahead to 2013.  There’s a lot more to come as our team continues to respond to your needs with innovative solutions.  I look forward to sharing future developments with you.