GreenRoad Awarded Contract for the World’s Largest Teen Driver Technology-Based Safety Program

By David Ripstein - CEO

Beit Dagan, Israel – October 3, 2008 – GreenRoad Technologies, an innovative leader in driver safety technologies, today announced that Or Yarok, Israel’s largest road safety organization, is making GreenRoad’s Safety Center available to 5000 families with teen drivers. This follows Or Yarok’s two-year study of 400 drivers’ use of Safety Center to determine its long-term impact on safety.

By analyzing each young driver’s performance and continuously providing them with real-time coaching, GreenRoad Safety Center improves driver safety. Driver safety levels are displayed using a color classification system: green indicates safe driving, amber needs attention and red is high risk. Feedback is available for both teens and their parents in real-time in their vehicle, and later via SMS, summary emails, and Safety Center’s password-protected website.

Or Yarok’s objective is to meet every teen driver and their parent face-to-face to discuss the risks of teen driving.  Over the last few years, Or Yarok’s safety advisors have met with 130,000 teen drivers in their homes.

For this new initiative, Or Yarok is now targeting 5,000 families with teen drivers to install Safety Center in their cars. It is reaching potential program participants through radio advertising as well as through the 200 personal meetings it holds with families face-to-face each day.

GreenRoad will work with Or Yarok and families to help and support each driver and maximize the safety of each project participant. Improving drivers will receive encouragement and support from Or Yarok.

Yemima Arviv, mother of a teen driver in the pilot program, commented, “We installed Safety Center, which we call the “green box”, so we can check and improve our son’s driving skills.  Using the green box we have understood his weaknesses as a driver and provided him with feedback – and indeed his driving safety has improved.  GreenRoad’s green box has not only influenced our son but all of us as a family.  We feel safer and more aware of our own driving habits and all drive in a much more relaxed and safe manner.”

Dr. Tsippy Lotan, Or Yarok’s Chief Scientist comments: “We have achieved some truly remarkable results with GreenRoad. Our research focused on teen drivers’ high crash rates. We know when the high-risk period is – at the end of the accompanied driving period when drivers start going alone.  From our studies we know that during the accompanied driving phase their driving is green, once they start driving solo there is an abrupt change to yellow or red. Once the system is turned on, and the family knows how to work with the information and is active in the project, we have seen teen drivers who have shifted immediately back to green driving.”

“We have been working closely with Or Yarok for the last three years testing various safety solutions with teen drivers and their parents. Israeli teen drivers are heavily involved in car crashes just like in other countries in the world,” said Hod Fleishman Green Road’s Founder and SVP of Business Development. “Or Yarok is a leader in teen road safety, dedicated to promoting safety and saving young people’s lives. Together we plan to reach every teen driver in Israel.  Our target is to drastically reduce the number of teen crashes; we have shown we can do so by working closely with parents and teens.  Now we can make a bigger change on a much larger scale.”

About GreenRoad Safety Center

GreenRoad Safety Center’s in-vehicle sensor collects information on up to 120 different driving maneuvers.  Each maneuver is evaluated in five categories: acceleration; braking, lane changing, cornering and speed handling.  Using proprietary algorithms, maneuvers are analyzed to give drivers continuous in-vehicle feedback about areas that require improvement, and build their driver profile. Driver safety levels are displayed using a color classification system: green light indicates safe driving, yellow needs attention and red is high risk.

Feedback is also available using SMS, email, and Safety Center’s password protected website. Drivers and managers are able to review detailed reports by fleet, driver, department, maneuver type, trip, etc., to easily and accurately identify their high-risk drivers and problem areas.

About Or Yarok

The Or Yarok (Green Light) association was founded in 1997 with the aim of minimizing the number of casualties in traffic accidents and to affect a change in Israel’s driving culture. Since its foundation, the association has sparked a genuine revolution in the public awareness, in the field of accidents, both in terms of its direct activity and in the encouragement that this activity has given to other organizations involved in this field.

The association’s budget is $8 million per year, and entirely financed through independent means.  The association’s chairman and founder is Avi Naor, father of the late Ran Naor, who was killed in a traffic accident during his military service before he was 20 years old.

About GreenRoad

GreenRoad provides a single, comprehensive telematics solution to both change driver behavior and manage fleet performance and efficiency. Its solution engages drivers directly for meaningful, lasting behavior change. At the same time, fleet tracking, mapping and reporting help fleets optimize their daily and strategic operations. To GreenRoad customers this means increased safety and customer satisfaction and reduced operating costs for a clear competitive advantage.

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