GreenRoad™ Fleet Leader Survey Suggests “Connected Fleet” Displacement of Traditional Telematics

By David Ripstein - CEO

57% Already Using Connected Technology to Manage Fleet Operations; 28% Using Smartphone and Mobile Apps

REDWOOD CITY, CA –March 20, 2012 — GreenRoad, a leader in driver performance and safety management, today announced the results of a Fleet Leaders Survey showing that the ”connected fleet” has already arrived for over half (57%) of fleet leaders who have deployed web-based fleet-management solutions. Twenty-eight percent (28%) of fleet leaders are actively using smartphones for fleet management today and 8% are using iPads or tablet computers.

Connected fleet technologies, defined as software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions combined with smartphone and mobile technology enabled by high speed connectivity, are growing at the expense of traditional standalone telematics solutions and PC-based software with no web access. Only 41% of fleet leaders indicated they are still using PC-based software with no web access, and only 12% are using proprietary handheld mobile devices.

When asked about their future technology deployment plans, 31% of fleet leaders indicated they will be opting for web-based services, 25% plan to buy and deploy iPads or other table devices and 22% plan to purchase additional smartphones.

“The connected fleet has arrived,” said Jim Heeger, chief executive of GreenRoad. “The data shows that web-based fleet management services are well on their way to displacing traditional, standalone telematic solutions.”

“We can expect to see these trends accelerate as the technology continues to improve and fleet owners, operators and managers continue to experience the benefits of web-connected, mobile fleet management,” continued Heeger.

As one respondent said, “it will become more and more necessary to manage fleet and driver operations while not office-based.”

Fleet Management Going Mobile

The survey also shows that mobile technology solutions are rapidly becoming a vital tool for fleet managers. Nearly 1 out of 5 (19%) of fleet managers are using smartphone or mobile apps to help manage fleets, and 37% of respondents expect to see an increase in the use of mobile apps for fleet management.

Fleet drivers are also increasingly using smartphones for fleet-related operations. Twenty-five percent (25%) of the fleet leaders surveyed said their drivers are using a job-specific smartphone or mobile app and 14% intend to increase driver smartphone and mobile app deployments. Overall, 51% of fleet leaders see their drivers as ‘tech savvy’ with the latest smartphone and mobile devices.

About the Survey

The GreenRoad Fleet Leaders “Connected Fleet” Survey was conducted in February 2012 with 178 participants from a broad range of industries, fleet types and sizes. All respondents either recommend, approve or influence fleet technology purchases.

About GreenRoad

GreenRoad provides a single, comprehensive telematics solution to both change driver behavior and manage fleet performance and efficiency. Its solution engages drivers directly for meaningful, lasting behavior change. At the same time, fleet tracking, mapping and reporting help fleets optimize their daily and strategic operations. To GreenRoad customers this means increased safety and customer satisfaction and reduced operating costs for a clear competitive advantage.

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