Greenroad Salutes Obama Administration Proposal to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

By David Ripstein - CEO


Responsible fleets can start saving fuel and reducing carbon footprint ahead of new truck standards by changing driving behavior

Austin , Texas  13th July 2015 GreenRoad, the leading provider of Software-as-a-Service driver behavior and fleet performance systems, welcomes Obama administration plans to set new standards for greenhouse gas emissions and fuel economy for medium and heavy duty trucks. The proposed changes are expected to save US fleets $170 billion in fuel between 2021 and 2027, with additional societal benefits bringing total savings to $230 billion.

“As a company which is fully committed to increasing fuel efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions we wholeheartedly support this new legislation,” said Ken McCann, GreenRoad VP Sales, North America. “While fuel economy of large trucks has improved by less than 1 mpg since 1970, GreenRoad has helped its customers achieve mpg increases of over 14% across their truck fleets, for annual savings of millions of dollars. Applying our highly effective solution to more fuel-efficient vehicles will compound fuel economy, environmental benefits and savings.”

Operators need not wait for legislation-spurred developments in engine technology to tackle wasteful and environmentally harmful excess fuel use. Fleets of medium and heavy duty vehicles can significantly improve fuel-efficiency by reducing idling and helping drivers adopt smoother, safer driving behaviors. The highly effective GreenRoad system combines in-vehicle feedback and exception-based alerts with a cloud-based portal that provides valuable information for drivers and managers.

The recently-announced legislation is expected to cut carbon emissions by one billion metric tons over the lifetime of vehicles built under the new standards. When fully implemented, the new regulations will reduce the carbon footprint of new vehicles by up to 24%. Medium and heavy duty trucks currently account for about 20% of greenhouse gases produced and oil used in the US transportation sector, yet represent only 5% of vehicles on the road.

GreenRoad joins companies such as PepsiCo in applauding the proposal. Indeed, writing jointly in the Wall Street Journal, Indra Nooyi, Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, and Fred Krupp, President of the Environmental Defense Fund, called for a “comprehensive joint approach to fleet efficiency” and named driver training as a key element, along with cleaner fuels, hybrid and electric vehicles, and GPS technology.

Zeev Braude, CEO of GreenRoad, said: “Energy-efficient driving styles are safer driving styles. Fleet executives recognize that investing in a program to change driver behavior delivers many benefits besides reducing fleet impact on the environment, including significant reductions in accident-related costs and lower insurance premiums. The GreenRoad system of creating sustainable change in driver behavior allows our customers to benefit from unprecedented return on their investment.”

GreenRoad monitors driver behavior via sophisticated on-board sensors, and identifies up to 150 risky and fuel-wasting maneuvers such as sharp cornering or lane changing, sudden braking and brisk acceleration. Driver feedback is provided in near-real time through a simple-to-read indicator that promotes continuous improvement. Via web-based GreenRoad Central, drivers and managers can access clear, concise dashboards and reports. Exception-based alerts keep fleet managers informed about specific concerns, without flooding them with unnecessary information.

About GreenRoad Technologies, Inc.
GreenRoad provides a single, comprehensive solution for changing driver behavior and managing fleet performance and efficiency.  GreenRoad’s platform helps fleet operators improve driving safety, increase fuel economy, lower insurance premiums, and reduce accident-related costs. GreenRoad’s advanced business intelligence and performance analytics enable fleets to optimize daily and strategic operations.

GreenRoad engages drivers directly to generate meaningful, lasting change through real-time, in-vehicle feedback and highly effective change management methodology.

With over 8 billion miles monitored and 600,000 driving years logged, GreenRoad serves leading companies of all sizes and across many industries, including trucking, passenger transportation, construction, food service, delivery, and public safety.

The company has offices in the US, UK and Israel.

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