GreenRoad Product Update: Trip-Splitting

When it comes to developing a product roadmap, it’s not always new features that top the priority list. We also incorporate feedback from customers about how we can make their lives easier. With that in mind, we rang in the new year with a trip splitting enhancement that is already getting cheers from our bus customers.

If you have multiple drivers sharing a vehicle, you’re probably familiar with this problem: Driver 1 keys in, Driver 2 takes over the bus and forgets to key in… and two trips in the real world become one trip in GreenRoad (with Driver 1’s score either benefitting or suffering from Driver 2’s performance!) But now, it’s easy to split trips in Central- so that you have complete and accurate records for each driver. Just click “Trips” under Fleet Management, enter the date range that contains the trip you want to split, and click “Submit”. Then find the trip, select it, and click “Split” above the trip list. Enter the first and second driver, select the split time, and confirm. Poof – you have created two trips. See? That was easy.

We have a full and exciting product roadmap for 2012. Stay tuned for more to come.