GreenRoad + School Buses = Perfect Fit!

By David Ripstein - CEO

We had a great time at the STN Expo on Tuesday.  Held at The Grand Sierra Resort in Reno and the 19th of its kind, the primary aim of the show was to assist student transporters in implementing financial efficiencies within their operations.  We were situated in Silver State Pavilion, surrounded by other suppliers and manufacturers and were thrilled to have the opportunity to talk to so many visitors, especially as they were so interested in what we had to say!  We are unique in that we focus on the driver, giving them the tools they need to self-correct.  As a result of improved driving, fuel bills are considerably less, emissions and crashes are reduced and, most importantly, passengers receive a safer, smoother ride.

We have been working successfully with Atlantic Express and First for some time now.

Atlantic Express has always been dedicated to safety. When an outside strategic consultant was brought in to review safety procedures, Executive Vice President Noel Cabrera and his team decided to look at new safety innovations and discovered GreenRoad.  As a result, they have seen:

  • Reduced Fleet Risk & Fuel Usage
  • Improved safety score 59%
  • Cut fuel costs 8%

“GreenRoad is a way for drivers to improve on their own and become the very best professionals they can be,” said Cabrera. “Field supervisors and managers use the online scores and reports to analyze performance trends. The data give us insights we never had before.”