GreenRoad Signs Numerous New Haulage and Service Delivery Van Customers

London, UK– February 23rd, 2012 — GreenRoad, a leader in driver performance and safety management, today announced a number of customer wins through its partnership with Towergate Underwriting Transportation, one of the UK’s leading providers of specialist insurance products.  Through this agreement, Towergate markets GreenRoad to its clients, which has resulted in a number of new wins for GreenRoad including DLR Transport, Pharmacy Plus, Clive Cowern Transport Services and Goldenville.

These fleets of HGVs and LCVs chose GreenRoad with the goals of reducing crashes, increasing miles per gallon and potentially reducing insurance premiums.

In the summer of 2011, DLR Transport of Newark starting using GreenRoad across its fleet of 20 HGVs. “As a member of the Road Haulage Industry body we have always encouraged a culture of safe driving. But since using GreenRoad we have been able to raise awareness about the high standard of driving we expect and how to achieve it. As a result we have cut fleet risk nearly 70% and noticed a reduction in fuel consumption. We are hoping to now negotiate a better deal on our insurance through Towergate,” said Simon Foster, operations manager.

“We are now planning to campaign to educate drivers about how to reduce fuel consumption, particularly using GreenRoad’s idling feature, and then hopefully we will be able to reward drivers with a fuel bonus,” Foster added.

Pharmacy Plus runs nine depots across the UK and now uses GreenRoad in its fleet of 38 vans collecting and delivering prescribed medication to nursing homes and care homes. Operations Director Steve Wells evaluated GreenRoad after hearing about it through his insurance broker.

“Our initial objective was to change driver behaviour with a view to reducing our insurance premium. The first obstacle is that if you don’t know what the problem is you can’t tackle it. We chose GreenRoad because it could provide the information both drivers and managers need to understand driver behaviour. This way we can ensure that our professional drivers have a good reputation in the business.”

The programme has already delivered on its promises with driver risk dropping 75% to an average of seven in the first six months. “We started using GreenRoad as a tool to focus our team of drivers on preventing accidents but we are now going to use GreenRoad to help drivers understand techniques that increase their miles per gallon,” added Wells.

Clive Cowern Transport Services is a road haulage and pallet distribution based in Shropshire. 30 HGV drivers are now using GreenRoad and the average risk has reduced 65%. The risk level is continuing to drop and Darren Cowern expects this to get even better with the introduction of an incentive programme.

Another new GreenRoad customer is Goldenville in Kent, which manages distribution for a major supermarket with a fleet of 26 trucks, primarily 38-tonne artics. It chose GreenRoad primarily to reduce risk and crashes with a view to cutting insurance costs. It also helps them to investigate any incidents by understanding the driving behaviour at the time.

By offering GreenRoad’s services, Towergate hopes to help its clients cut their accident claims rate and possibly negotiate more favourable insurance premiums. It also gains new intelligence about risk and safety levels leading to more effective risk management strategies and tailored insurance offerings that reflect the reduced risk.

GreenRoad provides the most effective, proactive approach to smarter and safer driving. Because driving decisions are responsible for 90% of all accidents and up to 33% of fuel spend, the only way to truly reduce risk and improve efficiency is by focusing on driver decision-making.

GreenRoad provides drivers and fleet managers with real-time, comprehensive feedback, online reporting, analysis and coaching on their abilities, manoeuvres and patterns. As a result, GreenRoad positively impacts both conscious and unconscious driving behaviour – the key to creating more fuel-efficient and safer drivers.

About GreenRoad

GreenRoad provides a single, comprehensive telematics solution to both change driver behavior and manage fleet performance and efficiency. Its solution engages drivers directly for meaningful, lasting behavior change. At the same time, fleet tracking, mapping and reporting help fleets optimize their daily and strategic operations. To GreenRoad customers this means increased safety and customer satisfaction and reduced operating costs for a clear competitive advantage.

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