GreenRoad to the rescue!

A GreenRoad UK customer driver from a passenger transport  company was recently summonsed to court for a Careless Driving/Failing to Stop/Failing to Report an accident offence.  Several witnesses had seen a coach colliding with a parked vehicle but failed to take any details.  Twenty minutes later they thought they saw the same coach driving past the end of the road.  This time they did take details and passed them to the Police.

The driver claimed innocence throughout and soon his bosses came to GreenRoad for help on getting to the bottom of the case.  It didn’t take us long to place the coach in question as being over 8 miles away in another town at the time of the collision.  Although the coach did subsequently pass near where the accident occurred there was no evidence that it was ever at the scene.  Additionally we were able to show that the driver was ‘green’ and hadn’t picked up a single event during his 5 trips that day – not your normal type of offender!

The case collapsed when the prosecution were unable to produce a ‘vital’ witness and so it never got to court. The driver’s manager was adamant though that without our evidence his driver would have been ‘nailed’.