Howick & Eastern

Howick & Eastern was seeking a constructive approach to working with drivers to improve road safety, reduce speeding, and enhance customer comfort.

Howick & Eastern buses utilize GreenRoad to boost driver behavior.

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Howick & Eastern

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GreenRoad Driver Behavior

The Challenge

Howick & Eastern was founded as Eastern Buses in 1939 in Eastern Beach, New Zealand. With the takeover of Howick Buses in 1962, the company grew to 21 buses and took on its current name. Today, with over 175 buses, Howick & Eastern provides public transport as well as charter and school bus services in Auckland, New Zealand. It is a subsidiary of Souter Holdings.

As part of its safety initiatives, Howick & Eastern was seeking a constructive approach to working with drivers to improve road safety, reduce speeding, and enhance customer comfort. They aimed to accomplish these goals by granting greater accountability to bus and coach drivers, rather than enforcing driving behaviors through top-down management oversight.

The Solution

After a wide search, Howick & Eastern chose GreenRoad based on its democratic approach, which encourages driver ownership of their own on-road behavior. In particular, the combination of in-vehicle feedback, safety reporting, and monitoring for both drivers and managers serves as a powerful force for changing behavior to achieve results.

Howick & Eastern wanted a solution that would help make every trip safer and more comfortable for both passengers and drivers. “Driver, passenger and road user safety, and passenger comfort were the key benefits we were looking for,” said Sheryll Otway, General Manager of Howick & Eastern Buses. Howick & Eastern chose the GreenRoad system for its ability to clearly identify each driver’s on-road patterns, and to help the driver correct his driving behavior to prevent incidents before they happen.

“GreenRoad is active 24/7, gathering information and data on the drivers’ styles, their safety, what the vehicles are doing, and where there are areas the drivers can improve. We are able to look for patterns and to pick up issues such as a driver going too fast into or out of corners.” -Troy O’Dea, Operations Manager, Howick & Eastern Buses

The Result

Howick & Eastern chose GreenRoad for its ability to identify unsafe driving styles and help drivers correct them before they caused accidents. While they did not initially focus on how improving driving behavior could reduce costs, they were delighted to find that safer driving contributed real value to the bottom line. To date they have seen a 20% reduction in accidents, an 81% drop in speeding infringements, significantly reduced wear and tear on tires and brake pads, and a 4% savings on fuel and 100% driver buy-in within months.

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