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IDM was struggling to find ways to reduce the amount of accidents their drivers were having and counteracting the rising price of fuel.

IDM Trucking utilizes GreenRoad Driver Behavior to ensure the safety of their fleet.
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GreenRoad Driver Behavior

The Challenge

IDM Trucking Inc. is a family and employee-owned transportation company that serves small to large sized businesses in the Mid-Atlantic region. The company prides itself on providing safe and timely delivery of goods and materials. To further IDM Trucking’s culture of savings and performance they set out find additional ways to increase safety and fuel economy across its fleet.

IDM was struggling to find ways to reduce the amount of accidents their drivers were having on the road as well as proactive measure to counteract the rising price of fuel when it first began looking for solutions. The team investigated a number of options but when Randy Hill, Safety Director at IDM Trucking, heard about GreenRoad™ at an insurance conference, he immediately thought about his drivers and how GreenRoad could help. As an employee-owned company, IDM Trucking takes their driver safety seriously.

“I knew that it was something our organization could use. We take great pride in our safety and customer satisfaction records, both of which depend heavily on our drivers,” said Hill. “I knew GreenRoad could help our drivers become safer on the road by calling out risky maneuvers that they may not even be aware of, and it could do it in a way that isn’t distracting or invasive.”

The Solution

After a wide search, IDM Trucking selected GreenRoad. IDM Trucking rolled out GreenRoad across its fleet and Hill said the process was easy from start to finish.

“We were able to conveniently handle installation at our own shop, and GreenRoad has been incredibly responsive to our needs,” said Hill.

GreenRoad analyzes maneuvers that impact safe driving, fuel efficiency and emissions. Drivers receive real-time, in-vehicle feedback, enabling them to self-correct risky or inefficient behaviors in the moment.

Although some drivers initially expressed concern, they became much more comfortable with GreenRoad once they understood how it would be used to help them improve their driving performance.

GreenRoad also provides drivers, managers and safety professionals with detailed risk analysis reports and tailored coaching tools through a web- based portal.

“GreenRoad helps our drivers become safer on the road by calling out risky maneuvers that they may not even be aware they are performing in a way that isn’t distracting or invasive and is cost effective.”-Randy Hill, Safety Director, IDM Trucking

The Result

Since adding GreenRoad to its safety programs, IDM Trucking experienced significant improvement in fleet and driver safety. In its first year, IDM dropped its accident rate from 0.38 crashes per million miles to zero. And across the fleet, drivers maintained a GreenRoad Safety Score below seven, which represents fewer than seven risky events per 10 hours on the road for each driver. Ultimately, IDM Trucking’s insurance rates have dropped accordingly as accidents decreased.

IDM also realized fuel savings after implementing the GreenRoad service. An analysis of IDM’s fuel usage, mileage and driving behaviors demonstrated that as IDM drivers reduced their Safety Scores, – their miles per gallon increased. Annual fuel cost savings were estimated at $1500 per vehicle. “I have been pleased from the get-go,” said Hill. “Everything has been straightforward, and the GreenRoad team responsive and helpful. I would recommend GreenRoad to anyone who values safety and performance.”

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