Bus & Coach

Protect Your Bus Drivers and Coach Passengers

When passengers are your business, safety is not negotiable. GreenRoad’s bus tracking telematics provides your coach drivers the real-time feedback they need to drive safer and more smoothly:

Protect Your Transportation Business

Tight bus schedules leave no room for error, while tight budgets leave no room for waste. With GreenRoad coach tracking telematics, you can track your vehicles and analyze performance to improve fleet utilization and operational efficiencies.

GreenRoad Features for Bus & Coach Tracking

  • Manage your bus fleet from any desktop or mobile device.
  • Improve driver performance.
  • Increase coach driver retention and accelerate training of new coach drivers.
  • Refute fraudulent claims.
  • Improve bus passenger satisfaction and service.
  • Reduce fleet fuel and liability costs.
  • Reduce coach breakdowns and out-of-service time.
  • Eliminate unauthorized use.
  • Meet bus and coach emissions and sustainability mandates.

Case Study: StageCoach Group

StageCoach manages over 7,600 busses and 20,000 drivers in UK, United States and Canada.  With a goal of reducing its bus CO2 emissions by 3% annually and reducing wear and tear on their expensive passenger transport vehicles, Stagecoach turned to GreenRoad bus telematics to help their fleet achieve sustainable improvement in carbon emissions, fuel efficiency, passenger comfort and safety.

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