Grey Fleet

Manage and Protect Your Entire Fleet

Grey fleet vehicles are any vehicle (that are not a part of your core operational fleet) used by an employee for making a work-related journey. But did you know that same health and safety regulations that apply to your normal fleet vehicles apply to your grey fleet vehicles as well? But all too often these vehicles are neither monitored or optimized for efficiency or safe driving behavior while on the road.

Even as many organizations find it challenging to manage their grey vehicles effectively they still have a need to gain visibility, manage and record driver, trip and vehicle information for both insurance and tax implications.

Ultimately, grey fleet vehicles influence an organization’s risk level and liability, therefore they have to follow the same safety policies.

GreenRoad makes it easy to run a safe fleet regardless of the vehicle ownership.

Gain Visibility

With GreenRoad, you can:

  • Improve driving behavior and fleet safety
  • Reduce risk and liability for the organization
  • Track grey fleet arrivals and departures using the company car GPS tracking feature for all job related trips to determine fleet utilisation and facilitate accurate timesheet reporting
  • Record and manage service time and MOT status and insurance
  • Get notification on service times
  • Prepare and review travel records for expense approval and tax preparation
  • Easily monitor variable grey fleet expenses using the company car fuel management feature
  • Defend against fraudulent claims

GreenRoad Grey Fleet Features

  • Live tracking and operations to support real time management
  • Driver performance self-improvement tool with in-cab feedback to the driver for immediate risk reduction, complete visibility into data to the drivers
  • Mileage tracking
  • Driver timesheet
  • Vehicle documentation and maintenance management