Respond Faster. Arrive Safe.

Managing a utility fleet is always a complex challenge. Not only do you have to manage the heavy demands on your equipment and the safety of your workers, but you have to make sure your specialized equipment and utility crews are as productive as possible.

And when you’re called upon to respond in emergency situations, your job gets even more challenging. How do you get the right drivers to the field as quickly and safely as possible? GreenRoad can help. We give you the fleet intelligence to see the status and location of every vehicle in your fleet. And with a few clicks you can drill down to see vehicle and driver trip histories in order identify potential safety hotspots and optimize routes and resources.

Boost Your Bottom Line

With GreenRoad, you can cut operational costs across your workforce without cutting quality:

GreenRoad Utilities Features

  • Manage your fleet from any desktop or mobile device.
  • Increase driver retention and accelerate training of new employees.
  • Enforce restrictions on hours of operation and access areas.
  • Reduce equipment downtime with predictive maintenance alerts.
  • Improve driver performance.
  • Defend against fraudulent claims.
  • Help recover stolen assets.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and service.