New Connected Fleet Blog Debuts

We are excited to announce that GreenRoad vice president of product marketing, Karen White, is the voice behind a new industry blog called “The Connected Fleet”. The new blog can be found by clicking here and will present a dialog around the new Connected Fleet movement.

As Karen says in her introductory post, “We are in a truly remarkable time. With the advent of the smartphone, tablet computing, on-demand virtual servers, and pervasive mobile broadband, the world is witnessing a technological disruption– and the fleet world is no exception.

The Connected Fleet of today is leveraging this disruption to change the way it does business. Through web-based services and mobile technologies, fleets are connecting managers and drivers in ways that dramatically improve efficiency, reduce the cost of information technology, and overcome some of the age-old challenges of managing a mobile workforce.

This change is happening now. It’s impacting every fleet, and every aspect of fleet operations – from safety to dispatch. A recent study by GreenRoad found that 57% of fleet leaders are using web-based services to manage their operations, and more than a third are running applications on smartphones or tablets. In a world where the expectation is that managers respond as quickly when they are out of the office as they do when they are in the office, connected fleet technology becomes a must-have.”