Newport Boasts Best Bus Drivers in the World

Newport Boasts Best Bus Drivers in the WorldTen Newport bus drivers have been recognized amongst the world’s very best following an assessment of more than 71,000 drivers across the globe.

The review was carried out by driver behavior specialists GreenRoad who assessed drivers on the scores they achieved for driving over the last 12 months. The assessment included all types of HGV and PCV drivers from countries including America, Germany, Belgium and Canada.

GreenRoad is an eco-driving system which allows drivers to monitor how they are performing through special sensors fitted to their vehicles.

These sensors report on each of the driver’s manoeuvers and through a red, amber and green light system on their dashboard tell them whether they are driving too harsh or too quickly.

The system has allowed Newport Bus to positively contribute to the local environment by reducing the amount of fuel it uses through more economical driving and providing bus users with an even more pleasant and comfortable ride.

Hundreds of companies across the world use GreenRoad and each year it measures how more than 71,000 participating drivers have performed with the top 5% joining its prestigious Fleet Elite.

Newport Bus drivers Andy Watt, Royston Moon, Harmesh Chand, Kevin Smith, Paul Orum, Mark Howells, Krzysztof Kwarcianny, David Daniell, Raymond Steven and Gary Wong have all been recognized as being in the elite group.

Scott Pearson, Managing Director, of Newport Transport said:

“This is such a fantastic achievement for all the drivers concerned. To be recognized amongst the world’s best is something very special indeed. We introduced GreenRoad technology to our buses so that we could reduce our co2 emissions and make our buses even more enjoyable to travel in. The fact our bus drivers have been recognized in this way is a privilege we are very proud of.”

Andy Cozens, GreenRoad Senior Consultant, said: “It really is a tremendous achievement for the drivers who achieved the fleet Elite status at Newport Bus.

“It’s been just over 12 months since the launch of the system at the company and to maintain the incredibly demanding scores required to achieve the Fleet Elite standard, in what is one of the most demanding types of driving environments, demonstrates how skilled these drivers are. They are amongst the very best, which is something they should be very proud of.”

This article was original published by  Newport Transport. Thanks for the reprint permission!