Now Managers Go Mobile, Too!

By David Ripstein - CEO

In mid-June we released the industry’s first mobile app for drivers. Since then that app has been downloaded thousands of times and GreenRoad drivers across the US and UK are experiencing the benefits of smartphone access to their GreenRoad data.

But, many of you asked, what about fleet managers, operators and safety directors? Where’s our mobile app?

Well, today we are very happy to announce the new GreenRoad Central mobile app view for managers. Now drivers and managers both have easy access to their GreenRoad performance data anytime, anywhere. Both can access the detailed reporting data available via cloud-based GreenRoad Central.

Each app view is expressly designed for its intended user. The driver app view features driver access to individual safety scores, idling scores, and team rank and trip details from the past 7 days. The manager app view features access to live fleet location enabling fleet managers to see where each driver is, at anytime, by address; safety scores for all drivers; and real-time access to each individual driver’s mobile dashboard.

And, because safety is of upmost importance, GreenRoad Central mobile is disabled while in motion so that distracted driving cannot be an issue for drivers and managers alike.

The GreenRoad Central mobile app runs on Android and iOS devices and is available for free in the app stores as “GreenRoad Central.”  Drivers and managers simply download the app and log in with their GreenRoad account information.  Based on your GreenRoad account set up, either the manager view or driver view will automatically be enabled.  If you don’t know your GreenRoad login information, you can find instructions for retrieving it in GreenRoad Central – just click the “Engage Portal” link in the top navigation.

With this mobile app view for managers, we’ve also released significant new functionality to GreenRoad Central. Because data lies at the heart of GreenRoad, we know how important it is to have a variety of insightful reports, available as you want them, when you want them. To that end, in this release, we’ve expanded the GreenRoad Central report catalog adding both a Posted Speed Violation report and a Fleet Speed Violation report. These new reports deliver detailed visibility into the timing, distribution, location and severity of fleet-wide speeding events.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, there’s much more new in GreenRoad Central. Click here for all the details or ask your GreenRoad account rep.