Osborne To Deploy GreenRoad To Increase Driver Safety

London, UK. — January 23rd, 2012 — GreenRoad, a leader in driving performance and safety management, today announced that Osborne is rolling out the GreenRoad service across its Property Services Sector fleet of 169 small vans in the UK to improve the safety of its drivers and vehicles. Osborne chose GreenRoad because of its ability to provide instant feedback to drivers about unsafe manoeuvres using the traffic light LEDs on the dashboard.

“As we continue to improve our accident rate and driver safety we are always looking at ways to continuously improve. We evaluated a number of options and realised that GreenRoad was the only service that could both change driving behaviour and sustain that change. GreenRoad is like having a driving instructor continuously reminding drivers to think about safety,” said Paul McCulloch, Group Supply Chain Manager, Osborne. “GreenRoad represents a critical step in greener more fuel efficient driving as well as reducing our incident rates further.”

Osborne started using Fleet Support Group Riskmaster in 2010 to provide driver compliance disciplines. While bringing a fresh pair of eyes to policies and procedures, Riskmaster also highlighted the fact that part of Osborne’s fleet was higher risk than average with resulting higher costs. Osborne’s insurance broker, Marsh, also has a partnership with GreenRoad. Marsh noted that using GreenRoad’s service would give Marsh new intelligence about risk and safety levels leading to more effective risk management strategies and tailored insurance offerings that reflect the reduced risk at Osborne.

Osborne is rolling out GreenRoad across its Property Services Sector fleet and the deployment should be complete by spring 2012.

“Our customers rely on our Property Services Sector to repair and maintain over 65,000 homes. Although driver safety is a key issue, we are anticipating that GreenRoad will help us cut our hefty fuel costs too as well as saving costs through reduced vehicle wear and tear,” added McCulloch. “As most of our drivers are in London and have to endure heavy urban traffic, we expect the idling feature to help contribute to increased miles per gallon.”

Osborne is also planning on introducing an incentive programme to keep its drivers motivated to drive green and to introduce an element of competition between managers and their teams by rewarding those drivers with impressive results.

“The construction industry takes on-site health and safety very seriously, yet employees are often most at risk when driving between sites. There is a groundswell of interest in driver safety in the construction industry and Osborne is leading the charge in tackling this issue,” said Aidan Rowsome, general manager, GreenRoad Europe.

GreenRoad provides drivers and fleet managers with in-vehicle real-time, comprehensive feedback, online reporting, analysis and coaching on their abilities, manoeuvres and patterns. As a result, GreenRoad immediately transforms driving culture, and delivers the best drivers on the road.

A typical GreenRoad customer sees up to a 10% reduction in fuel-consumption and emissions as well as a 50% reduction on collision costs.

About Osborne

Osborne is one of the UK’s leading family-owned construction, civil engineering and property services businesses, with expertise in delivering projects for our clients in affordable homes, civic & amenities, education, healthcare, commercial, civil engineering, rail, airports and property services sectors.   Founded in 1966 by civil engineer Geoffrey Osborne, the company employs over 900 people across seven offices in the southern half of the UK and had an annual turnover of £287million in its last financial year.

About GreenRoad

GreenRoad provides a single, comprehensive telematics solution to both change driver behavior and manage fleet performance and efficiency. Its solution engages drivers directly for meaningful, lasting behavior change. At the same time, fleet tracking, mapping and reporting help fleets optimize their daily and strategic operations. To GreenRoad customers this means increased safety and customer satisfaction and reduced operating costs for a clear competitive advantage.

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