Pain at the Pump

The recent increase in fuel costs has had significant impact on fleet operations, and most fleet leaders see more trouble ahead. These are just two of the insights we announced today from a recent GreenRoad Fleet Leader survey exploring fuel costs and measurement.

Overall, we found that 71% of fleets have been significantly impacted by rising fuel costs, and 92% of fleet leaders expect costs to continue rising. Fifty-eight percent (58%) expect additional significant increases in fuel costs.

The most surprising data is around driver performance management. Although research has shown that driver behaviour, i.e., speeding, harsh braking and acceleration, and idling, are key contributors to increased fuel use, only one-third of fleet leaders surveyed measure fuel consumption by driver.

What if we were to tell you that, although we can’t stop fuel costs from rising, we can help offset the impact to your bottom line by improving driver performance? We know from our customer results that using in-vehicle driver performance technology, like GreenRoad, can reduce fuel costs by up to 10% and by up to 12% if idling management is used.

Our survey tells us that while over half of fleet leaders have specific goals for reducing fuel consumption; methods for achieving these goals vary.

What would you do if you could add 10% back to your bottom line?

Download and read the entire report by clicking here.