Premier Beverage Shows That Safe Driving Culture Starts at the Top

Do you have any doubt about the importance of executive support for a driver performance and safety programme?  Consider this story that Premier Beverage safety director, Tracy Linhart, recently shared during a Food Logistics webinar about GreenRoad and the ROI of driver performance and safety management.

Premier Beverage has been a GreenRoad customer for almost two years.  When the GreenRoad programme first kicked off, the company’s Safety Scores immediately improved going from a 64 to 25.  (Safety Scores are like golf scores—the lower the better.)  The Safety Score then hovered at that level for the next few months.  Many companies would be satisfied with that score, but not Premier Beverage.  Premier Beverage is passionate about safety and wanted to achieve even better performance.

To that end, the company called an all hands meeting including all the drivers and the CEO.  The CEO explained how important safe and fuel efficient driving is to Premier Beverage since, after all, the Premier trucks are rolling billboards for the company.

Immediately after this meeting, the GreenRoad Premier Beverage Safety Score Improved even more significantly.  “It was unbelievable,” recalled Linhart.  “Once the drivers heard directly from our CEO, they knew how important their driving performance is for the company.”

Even more noteworthy, the Premier Beverage Safety Score has stayed at its impressive level ever since.