The GreenRoad Driver Safety Platform

GreenRoad’s SAFETY DIGITALIZATION tools make it easy to create a Road Safety culture across your organization, actualizing a Driver-Focused approach that helps you achieve maximum driver safety with minimum effort.


The GreenRoad Platform offers different “flavors” of safety enhancement tools to fit the different needs of all types of fleets. Its top-tier driver feedback and coaching systems work for all types of drivers – including contractors and remote workers – and all types of vehicles – from buses and heavy trucks to vans and motorcycles.


GreenRoad Drive™ - Driver Safety On Mobile

Turn smartphones into automatic in-vehicle driving coaches and personalized driver training guides.

Real-Time Driver Coaching

GreenRoad Drive™ provides drivers with ongoing coaching, every moment that they are behind the wheel, helping them prevent collisions and internalize smooth, energy-efficient driving habits.

When driving is safe and smooth, the app displays green and is silent. When the driver performs a risky maneuver, the app displays yellow (Watch it!) or red (Serious!), sends out an audible alert (e.g. Check your speed!) and automatically adjusts the driver’s Safety Score. In addition, it records the event details for post-trip analysis.

The result? Dramatic, immediate reduction of collisions and other incidents, increased driver safety awareness – and a ripple effect of cost reductions, including for fuel consumption, maintenance expenses, insurance costs and risk.

GreenRoad Drive™’s driver feedback is based on proprietary interpretation of precise real-time measurements provided by the smartphone’s internal accelerometers, sensors and GPS readings. GreenRoad’s advanced algorithms enable it to identify over 150 types of driving maneuvers of different severities in the categories of cornering, lane handling, speeding, acceleration and braking, and to take into account relevant contextual information such as weather conditions, speed limits and vehicle profiles.


Driver Insights & Training

Once a trip is completed, drivers can use GreenRoad Drive™ to review their performance, check their scores and ratings, and consider personalized tips for improving their driving habits. The app displays each trip’s safety level along with all events, including “tap-on-map” replays of event locations and overall trip route. It also displays the driver’s ranking in relation to other fleet drivers, encouraging engagement and motivating “friendly competition”.


For All Types of Vehicles - Including Motorcycles

GreenRoad Drive™’s real-time driver feedback works just as well for motorcycles as for cars, vans and trucks – and provides management with real-time tracking and speed monitoring.


Fleet Safety Management Tools

GreenRoad Drive™ gives managers efficient exception-based fleet safety management tools for achieving maximum fleet safety and control with minimum effort. The system’s high-level KPIs, alerts and driver scoreboards identify driver issues-in-the-making, with full one-touch drill-down into supporting histories and trend analyses. In addition, live fleet views and “hotspot” analyses keep your finger on the pulse of safety issues across the board.


Easy to Use

GreenRoad Drive™ is extremely easy to install, deploy and use. It downloads in minutes to any smartphone, automatically recognizes trip starts and ends, and runs in the background. It works in parallel with other systems on driver phones ( e.g. job management, ELD, etc.). When the driver takes the mobile phone and leaves the vehicle, Drive™ automatically logs the trip off.

GreenRoad Central™ Management Portal

GreenRoad Central™ is the place managers go to keep their finger on the pulse of fleet safety. Easy-to-understand dashboards and KPIs bring attention to outliers, with full drill-down into detailed driver and vehicle data. Exception-based reports and real-time alerts support proactive training and interventions programs.

GreenRoad’s unique predictive analytics based on next-generation BI and AI tools and 15 years of performance data bring it all into perspective, helping managers set the safety agenda for continuous improvement.

Tracking and Operations

GreenRoad Fleet Tracking & Operations Platform helps companies take a “big-picture” approach towards managing and optimizing their fleet performance. Its features include:

  • Live Fleet map and list for real-time fleet tracking and utilization analysis
  • Landmarks & Geofencing for improved asset security
  • Resource Locator to enable identification of the closest or the most
    qualified employee for a task or emergency event
  • Route Replay & Location History for virtual review of fleet routes and location
  • Safety Hotspots for focusing your training programs


Fuel Efficiency & Idling

GreenRoad helps operators keep fuel budgets under control by motivating drivers to adopt safe, fuel-efficient driving practices. The platform’s exception reports and alerts enable easy identification of drivers and vehicles that require special attention.



GreenRoad offers over 40 built-in reports in the areas of Fleet Safety, Fleet Fuel Usage and Idling, each of which can be fully customized.

  • Fleet Safety: Deleted Safety Events Log, Driver’s Log, Driver’s Safety Summary, Events Log, Fleet Speed Events Log, Org Units Safety Summary, Posted Speed Events Log, Trips Log, Unassociated Trips Log, Unassociated Trips By Vehicle, Vehicle Safety Score Analysis, Vehicles Log, Vehicles Safety Summary, Weekly Speed Pack
  • Fleet Fuel and Fleet Idling: Deleted Idling Events Log, Distance By State, Distance By State Detailed Log, Driver Fuel and Idling Summary, Excessive Fuel Purchas Suspects, Idling Event Log, Org Unit Fuel and Idling Summary, Suspected Fuel Card Loaning, Vehicle Fuel And Idling Summary, Weekly Idling Pack
  • Fleet Operations: Detailed Engine Hours Status, Document Expiration Date, Driver Timesheet, Engine Hours Summary, Mobileye Tampering Events Log, Scheduled Vehicle Maintenance Events, Start/End Day, Vehicle Health Faults Log, Vehicle Health Summary
  • Fleet Tracking Landmarks Summary Location. History Route Reconstruction, Stops Log, Trips and Stops
  • General: Alerts Log, Weekly Report Pack

GreenRoad Edge™ - Installed Real-Time Driver Coaching System

GreenRoad Edge™ is an installed, visual-feedback-only solution for fleets that prefer a non-audio option for the system’s real-time coaching.

Edge™’s driver feedback is provided via a non-intrusive panel of LED lights installed on the vehicle dashboard. The LEDs display green while the driving is safe and smooth, and turn yellow or red if a risky maneuver is performed. The presence of the unobtrusive feedback leads to “subconscious” adoption of safer driving habits. In addition, as a permanently installed fixture, Edge™ enables ongoing tracking and monitoring of mission-critical vehicles.

Edge™’s feedback is made possible by sophisticated, proprietary algorithms that identify over 150 types of driving


maneuvers of varying severity in the categories of cornering, lane handling, speeding, acceleration and braking.

This detailed classification is based on precise measurements carried out by Edge™’s rugged, on-board accelerometers, coupled with GPS readings. Accuracy is maintained by calibration with the vehicle type and driving conditions.