Data into Action, Continued: Our New Real-Time Email Alerts

By David Ripstein - CEO

You’ve probably heard us talk about our mantra — Data into Action – and how we want to empower you to take action based on the information you learn about your fleet.

That’s why we’re excited about our new real-time alerts for red events, which make it even easier to manage your fleet. An updated version of GreenRoad Central, the software at the heart of the GreenRoad service, includes real-time alerts for exception events, including high-risk events in all driver behavior categories as well as speed violations.

This allows you to find out in real-time when a driver performs a high-risk braking or cornering maneuver, for example, so you can act immediately.

These new alerts for red, or risky, driving maneuvers join the two types of alerts we introduced earlier this year: alerts for fleet speed violations and posted speed violations. All three types are delivered by email and configurable to match your company policies, giving you the tools that make it easy to stay on top of exceptions that require a response.

Alert emails contain the details about who was driving, what happened, where it happened, and how long it lasted.  In addition to receiving email alerts in real-time, managers can view their alerts on a To Do list through GreenRoad Central.

We’re excited about these new alerts and the valuable real-time insight they provide into your drivers’ performance and safety, and they form part of the foundation for GreenRoad’s coaching vision. We can’t wait to show you what else we have coming this year in our continued quest to make your fleet’s data more actionable.