Securitas Takes the GreenRoad

Securitas Takes the GreenRoad

Partnership with market leader set to improve driver safety

Securitas has partnered with GreenRoad – the industry leader in driver safety and behaviour technology – to improve driver safety among its 11,000 employees.

With vehicle collisions the number one cause of work-related deaths in the UK, Securitas wants to reduce risks associated with driver behaviour – both for the welfare of its employees and other road users.

GreenRoad technology will allow Securitas to track the movements of its fleet, monitoring driver behaviour, such as harsh braking, cornering, lane handling, acceleration and speeding.

Each vehicle will be fitted with technology providing real-time data, cascaded to an online reporting and analytics platform. This will enable Securitas to track its entire fleet, while monitoring driver behaviour.

Improvements in driver behaviour enhance the safety of our mobile employees, and has a significant impact on the environmental footprint of Securitas by reducing CO2 emissions, helping us to achieve our targets for reduction of greenhouse gases whilst growing this valuable sector of the business.

This latest initiative demonstrates how Securitas is investing in technology to provide a superior service. Blending people, technology and knowledge, Securitas delivers complete peace of mind.

“As a security provider, our dedication to safety extends beyond protecting clients through our specialist services,” said Yvonne Hinckley – Mobile Operations Manager at Securitas. “By partnering with GreenRoad, we are taking measurable steps to protect our employees and other road users. We look forward to having a positive impact on our community by improving driver safety.”

Securitas protects businesses across the UK through six Protective Services, covering On-site, Mobile, Remote and Electronic Security, in addition to Fire & Safety and Corporate Risk Management.

“If a company the size of Securitas UK can reduce incident rates and risky manoeuvres among its employee base, that can have a significant ripple effect on the safety of UK roads,” said John Gorbutt – Regional Lead at GreenRoad. “These are the types of systematic safety improvements we hope to drive and it speaks volumes about Securitas UK’s culture of safety that they’ve chosen to make this investment.”

The technology is currently being installed in Securitas vehicles across the UK and will be fully implemented by October 2017.

About GreenRoad

GreenRoad, the global leader in driver behaviour technology, improves driving safety and reduces operational costs by creating predictable and standardized driving across the organization. GreenRoad’s safety platform combines driving behaviour and vehicle data with location-based insights to give companies a clear picture of their workforce’s driving performance while providing drivers with real-time feedback for sustainable improvement.

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