Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) & Smart Mobility

Support AV development and Tier-1/OEM use cases with granular data and objective assessment of safety, ride comfort, driver behavior and risk.

Partners can use GreenRoad’s unique safety, ride comfort and driver behavior data to support AV development and to feed customer-facing apps and other use cases.

GreenRoad Inside™ For Autonomous Car Development

On the long road to full autonomy, there is a need for high-precision monitoring of level 2-4 vehicle safety, whether operating in human or autonomous mode. Deep insight into human driver behavior can also be instrumental foroptimizing control transfer dynamics in complex scenarios.


-precision monitoring of level 2-4 vehicle safety


GreenRoad Inside™ answers the need by providing deep insight into driving patterns and associated risk, enabling OEMs/insurers to encourage safer client driving and to positively impact human/autonomous control transfer dynamics.


The gold-standard granular driver behavior and passenger comfort data that it provides represents a highly accurate, detailed and objective basis for the creation of innovative platforms that assure alignment of AV performance with safety and passenger comfort goals.



As autopilot is used in more complex scenarios, driver anticipation is crucial.


GreenRoad provides a complete driving model for driver anticipation that can be instrumental in designing the conditional automation models, including transition control from machine to human.




GreenRoad believes the time has come for the auto industry to voluntarily establish standards and processes for safety testing, validation and verification.


As the recognized leader in safety event detection and driver behavior modification, GreenRoad is best positioned to lead the effort to create standards for AV safety and ride comfort


GreenRoad Inside™

GreenRoad Inside™ is our offering for OEMS, insurers, planners and others who need deep insight into individual driving patterns and associated risk. It can be embedded into host platforms to continuously measure and analyze driver behavior, safety and ride comfort data. This objective data will help OEMs and insurers monetize unique insights into driving patterns and associated risk, encourage safer driving for consumers and fleets and enhance human/autonomous control transfer dynamics for decades to come.


GreenRoad uses proprietary algorithms and ultra-fast GPS update rates to detect more than 150 complex maneuvers of various severities and to characterize them according to force vectors. GreenRoad AI can analyse measured data against a 10-year database with billions of data points to identify trends and to make predictive insights.





GreenRoad Benefits

Autonomous Car development:
Enhancing insight into passenger
experience and risk
Co-operative car services:
Reducing risk and accidents
Co-operative car services:
Enabling differential pricing
Co-operative car services:
Digitalizing tracking
Zero Fatality & Zero Emission initiatives:
Demonstrating alignment &
Zero Fatality & Zero Emission initiatives:
Enhancing brand reputation


Driver behavior & safety data
Accurate granular
ride comfort data
Rapid Driver Risk IDs
Driver behavior trends &
predictive insights
Real-time tracking &
location data
App-based driver feedback
mechanisms & alerts

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