Change Management Planning

Develop a Culture of Safety and Efficiency

Implementing GreenRoad’s in-vehicle technology alone has been shown to create safer driving. But when you also put your data to work with a change-management program, it can facilitate deep, lasting cultural changes that can transform your company’s operations and bottom line.


The GreenRoad Change Management Methodology

Based on over a decade of working with clients to make their fleets safer, GreenRoad developed a structured, comprehensive Change Management Methodology:

  • In-vehicle feedback, performance analyses and training materials offer drivers a self-correcting approach, turning them into agents of their own behavior change.
  • On-going evaluation and training reinforces improvements.
  • Recognition through programs such as GreenRoad Fleet Elite further motivates drivers to adopt good driving habits.
  • Data on idling helps you implement fuel-saving policies.
  • Reporting and analysis help you monitor progress against your KPIs.

GreenRoad Performance Advisors

Professional Fleet Change Management TeamGreenRoad Performance Advisors bring to the table years of technical, organizational, and behavioral experience to help you develop, implement, and manage your change-management plan. Examples of services include:

  • Helping you define KPIs aligned to your organizational objectives
  • Generating fleet trend analyses to understand areas of risk and identify required changes
  • Creating custom communications and educational materials to get and keep your team enthusiastically on board
  • Assisting with union negotiations
  • Assisting with regulatory compliance