GreenRoad ELD Compliance Solution

Track and document compliance
with ELD regulations

The GreenRoad platform comes fully integrated with a best-in-class, FMCSA-compliant ELD (Electronic Logging) solution. It is designed to help managers streamline compliance, to keep drivers productive, and to make reporting less of a burden.

GreenRoad ELD includes an easy-to-use Compliance Dashboard, a full IFTA reporting suite, real-time alerts, and reports about driver/vehicle performance (ECM data and more). Compliance managers can use the platform to easily track driver logs, violations and hours remaining, using any Android or iOS device.

Compliance Dashboard

GreenRoad ELD’s Compliance Dashboard gives quick access to fuel HOS (Hours of Service) logs, violation alerts, vehicle inspection reports and more. Many managers use it on a tablet to keep it easily available, whenever and wherever they are.

Proactive Alerts to prevent compliance violations

Whenever a driver nears an HOW (Hours of Service) violation or exceeds the hours allowed during a shift, GreenRoad ELD sends out immediate alerts – both to the drivers themselves and to their managers – in time to prevent compliance violations.


The GreenRoad ELD Compliance solution offers more than 100 pre-formatted reports, each of which can be generated automatically according to a schedule or “pulled” when necessary. Compliance information can be tracked by individual vehicle, cost center, market, operational unit, or by any other organizational parameter.