Swans Travel expects to save £100,000 a year using GreenRoad

Founded in 1978, Swans Travel is one of the leading passenger transport companies in the United Kingdom. The Manchester-based operator runs a modern fleet of vehicles supported by advanced 24-hour control centers, monitoring the UK wide fleet and network via a unique satellite tracking system.

Now using GreenRoad Fleet Management Solution, Swans Travel expects to save £100,000 a year through increased safety, less idling and engine wear.

The results speak for themselves

Since GreenRoad has gone life across Swans Travel’s fleet of coaches, MPVs and chauffeur cars,
Swan Travel dramatically improved its fleet efficiency:

  • Idling time has been cut by 60% to less than five hours a day
  • Decrease in fuel consumption by 5%
  • Real-time feedback on driving performance increased the overall safety scores significantly

Launch of driver incentive program

Kieran Swindells, managing director at Swans Travel, anticipates further savings with the launch of its driver incentive program. “As 92% of our drivers are regularly achieving a green safety score, we estimate we will be spending £25,000 a year on incentives, whilst achieving a sizeable return on our investment in GreenRoad. Most importantly, we are continuously increasing our safety and reducing emissions,” he said.

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