The GreenRoad Central mobile app gets an upgrade: Five great reasons why you should try it today

By David Ripstein - CEO

Has your phone become a sort of external organ?  If so, join the club.  Complain about it though I might, it’s hard to deny the appeal of having a phone/camera/navigation system/game console/notepad/watch/mini-computer that fits in my pocket.  How did we survive before we had a palm-sized rectangle to get us out of virtually any bind, from overdue library books to forgotten boarding passes?

If you’re nodding your head, then you probably already have GreenRoad Central mobile app on your iPhone or Android phone, providing you with anytime, anywhere access to key information from your GreenRoad account.  You don’t?  Why not?  With our latest update, there are even more reasons to give it a try:

Real-time coaching: As one seasoned driver trainer told me, the mobile app has made the Android tablet his coaching tool of choice.  What would traditionally have been a hard sell because of the time gap between the action and the response becomes a fluid conversation, held within minutes of trip completion, because the information is literally at the trainer’s (and the driver’s) fingertips.

Live fleet location: No matter where you are, you can track any vehicle in your fleet through the mobile app.  It addresses the most urgent question fleet managers have about their vehicles: where are they?

A great tool for drivers: Especially for drivers who don’t have easy access to a private, connected space at work, the app is invaluable.  It’s an easy way for drivers to stay on top of their GreenRoad performance, review the trips they’ve taken, and see how they’re doing compared to their teammates.

Our new mobile manager dashboard: Our latest version, released just before Thanksgiving, includes a mobile manager dashboard that provides highlights of your team’s performance, including historical trend data.  It also includes a list view for trips, so you can easily scan drivers’ trips in list format, with quick-reference color coding and links to maps.

Satellite and street views: The latest release also includes satellite view for all maps, as well as a street view option for Android users.  Even when you’re away from your desk, you have the data you need to answer critical questions about your fleet.

Download the GreenRoad Central app for free from the Apple app store or from Google Play.  And encourage your drivers to try it too.  You’ll be amazed what it can do to engage your team and improve performance.  To log on, just use the same credentials you use for GreenRoad Central through your computer.  Not sure your drivers know how to log on?  We’re happy to help you get them on board; just contact our support team for assistance.