The Key Elements to Making Change Easy 5

Today we look at the fifth key element involved in making a new change easy within your organization:

5)      Change requires the breaking down of silos

Just as the word silo is used in agriculture to describe the airtight containers used to store separate grain types, so it is used in business. A silo is obviously of benefit when you need to protect wheat and corn from rain & snow, but they can be negative when you’re trying to encourage positive change across the departments and divisions of an organization.

The bigger the company, the more harmful a role silos play. They can create an environment where sharing and collaborating on anything other than each group’s special interests is virtually impossible. In order to get around this issue, it helps to appoint specific sponsors and change agents who can work across the silos, not just to protect their own vested interests, but for the benefit of the company as a whole.