Tiger Fuel Taps GreenRoad to Improve Fleet Safety

By David Ripstein - CEO

Fuel carrier cuts risky manoeuvres by 66 percent and increases fuel efficiencyREDWOOD SHORES, CALIF. – December 7, 2009 – GreenRoad, a global pioneer in improving driving behavior, today announced that Tiger Fuel, a complete petroleum products distributor, has selected the GreenRoad 360™ service to complement its existing safety program and reduce risky driving behavior within its fleet. GreenRoad’s automated, customizable service empowers drivers and fleets to reduce crashes, improve fuel economy and reduce overall vehicle operating costs.

Tiger Fuel transports home heating oil, propane gas and consumer gasoline, which are all highly volatile substances, so ensuring safe driving behavior among its fleet is imperative. Corporate reputation management also is important, especially as the company’s vehicles are moving advertisements for Tiger Fuel. Tiger Fuel has seen a 66-percent reduction in risky driving behaviors since deploying the GreenRoad service.

“GreenRoad provides an additional layer of safety and training for our entire fleet,” said Frank Conley, operations manager, Tiger Fuel. “We have seen a large reduction in risky driving behavior and strong acceptance of the service among our professional drivers who welcome the immediate in-vehicle feedback and tools to help them become even safer drivers.”

GreenRoad continuously measures and analyzes those maneuvers which most impact safe driving, fuel efficiency and emissions; and focuses driver-specific feedback accordingly. Drivers are positively motivated to change their behavior behind the wheel. Constant reinforcement in the form of a simple red-yellow-green display empowers them to sustain behavior improvements. Fleet management and risk and safety professionals gain complete visibility into driving behavior and have easy-to-use tools they need to help drivers achieve measurable safety and fuel-efficiency goals. Customizable reports available via email and the GreenRoad web portal provide individual trip detail, risk analysis and coaching to help drivers sustain improvement.

“Our safety program is designed to encourage drivers to be as safe as possible and to coach their fellow drivers to do the same,” added Conley. “GreenRoad supports our existing program and provides additional incentives to the team. Additionally, it helps us reduce our fuel spend, and as a petroleum products distributor, we appreciate the value in this reduction.”

According to the Department of Transportation, the portion of highway accidents caused by large trucks has increased by 12 percent between 1990 and 2005. With this increase, vehicles such as Tiger Fuel’s, which carry volatile cargo, have a need for safe driving behavior.

“Tiger Fuel is raising the bar for fleet safety within the oil, gas and petroleum transportation industry,” said Dan Steere, CEO of GreenRoad. “Their implementation of GreenRoad demonstrates the importance the company puts on safety and fuel efficiency makes them a great partner for GreenRoad.”

About Tiger Fuel

Tiger Fuel Company is a complete petroleum products distributor. Tiger Fuel offers one-stop shopping for all your petroleum needs. In addition, Tiger Fuel represents six major brands: Exxon, Texaco, Shell, BP, CITGO, Chevron, and its own private label, EXCEL. Tiger Fuel is also the area’s largest distributor of home heating fuels. For more information, visit www.tigerfuel.com.

About GreenRoad

GreenRoad provides a single, comprehensive telematics solution to both change driver behavior and manage fleet performance and efficiency. Its solution engages drivers directly for meaningful, lasting behavior change. At the same time, fleet tracking, mapping and reporting help fleets optimize their daily and strategic operations. To GreenRoad customers this means increased safety and customer satisfaction and reduced operating costs for a clear competitive advantage.

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